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2018 Reflection: Travels, Life and Highlights

I thought that 2017 went by quickly, but nothing prepared me for how fast 2018 was going to be. It has been a year of highs and lows but all in all, I’ve been able to achieve some things I never thought I could do. This year has been full of many exciting moments as well as the stressful moments, however I can happily say that it’s been one of my favourite years to date.
Now I haven’t blogged in nearly 4 months – but I wanted to write this little reflection post to remind myself of all the great things that have happened this year and hopefully this’ll help bring back my writing motivation too (we will see).

The Secret to a Brighter Smile with BlanX Pro Range

I have always been a little self-conscious about my teeth. As a young teenager, my teeth were wonky and crooked that it took a year and a half of braces to sort them out. My main issue however has always been the colour of my teeth, they are slightly stained and I purely put that down to the fact I drink Coca Cola and tea on an everyday basis (oops).

I have tried a few teeth whitening products here and there, but I have never really noticed a huge difference until now.

Soph X Makeup Revolution Extra Spice Palette

I was beyond excited to hear that Soph was releasing a new eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Revolution (which is by far one of my favourite drug store brands). I purchased her highlighter palette previously and very quickly, that became my most used palette on an everyday occasion. Everybody and their mothers were talking about Soph’s first ever eyeshadow palette which I actually never bought. I will say that I find the overall layout of the Extra Spice palette way more interesting than the first. 

A Guide to Universal Stuidos Orlando

So, I went to Florida…