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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Today I thought I'd do a hair product review for you today. I'm going to be reviewing the Schwarzkopf Got2B beach matt mermaid look TEXTURIZING SALT SPRAY and the Schwarzkopf Got2B Guardian Angel 220•C HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY. 

I have wanted to try out a salt spray for a long time, I just never got around to buying one. When I saw this in my local superdrug I bought it without hesitating. You can use this spray on wet hair or dry hair, I personally prefer it when I use it on wet hair as I believe it gives me a lot more volume, texture and curl. Whenever I use it on dry hair I tends to my hair feel and look greasy and I feel that it doesn't give me a nice curl as much. I will say that this product does tend to make your hair really knotty therefore I would recommend using a de-tangler daily! This product gives you lovely wavy curls when used on wet hair, and leaves a beautiful fragence throughout the whole day.

When I bought the salt spray I saw the heat defense spray and thought I might as well try that out as well. If I'm perfectly honest, this spray is no different to any other heat defense spray. I don't use this on dry hair as it only says to use it on wet hair - although I did try it out on dry hair and it made my hair very greasy looking. Defiantly use this product on wet hair! 
There's nothing special about this product, as I find it to be the same as any other heat defense spray. 

fading tulips x 
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