A Day in Brighton | Lifestyle

Myself and my boyfriend both had the day off work and decided we should do something fun instead of staying indoors. We decided to go to Brighton and make a day of it. I thought this would be a really cute post, showing you all what we got up to whilst there.
Warning: heavily pictured post

As soon as we got into Brighton, we went to JB's American Diner for breakfast as we were both starving. I ordered buttermilk banana pancakes with toffee sauce and Alex ordered the full american breakfast - it was so yummy and it's officially my favourite breakfast diner. We then went and did a bit of shopping, I bought a few bits from Primark and Alex bought a pair of vans shoes. We went down the lanes which is my favourite part of Brighton, I love all the cute quirky shops and I also did a cheeky little shop in Cath Kidston, I bought a notebook as I have been needing one for a long time now. 

After that, we both walked onto the pier and went on a few rides. The waltzers is our favourite. By the time we finished on the rides, it was around 2:30 therefore we still had so much time to do something. I suggested that we'd go the Sea Life Center it was less than £20 to get in so I don't see why not. Who knew that fish are so entertaining to watch sometimes? We got the opportunity to go on a glass boat ride there where an instructor talked us through the sharks, turtles and other fishes whilst they swam in the huge tank below us. It was so incredible. 

I love having good days like this where you can just spend a day doing productive things. I can't wait to have more days like this every once in a while. 

How was your day?

Statement Necklaces | Wishlist

This past week I have been loving Statement Necklaces. I love the chunkiness of them as well as the beautiful colours they display. Statement Necklaces are a must have for me as I can style them with just about any outfit. I was scrolling through Pinterest looking through pictures of the necklaces and thought it'd be a great idea to do a wishlist post so I can show you guys all my favourite Statement Necklaces that I found online. If you're currently looking for the perfect Statement Necklace for yourself, hopefully this will help. 

As we are currently in Spring and coming up to Summer, I found this to be a perfect necklace for the season. The pastel mint green colour can turn any ordinary outfit into the perfect spring time outfit. 

If you're wanting to add a pop of colour in your normal everyday outfits, then this would be the perfect necklace to do that. This beautiful triangle statement necklace also comes in a mint green colour and a bright pink.

This is another necklace to add to your spring collection. A pretty pastel pink can light up any outfit. What I love most about this necklace is the fact that you can wear it during the day for a lovely casual look, but you could also wear it at night for an elegant clubbing look. 

I love how this necklace is so simple yet can brighten up any outfit. I like how the chain is gold and then it goes into a silver piece. I also love how it has pastel purple colour in the middle of the necklace, which makes it perfect for spring.

I like this necklace as a 'night out' piece. The black and white make it more of a night time look rather than a day time look. I love the chunkiness of this necklace as it makes it stand out a lot more. The rope detail around the necklace is what I love most as it makes this piece look more unique. 

This is probably my favourite necklace from this post. If you know me, you'd know that I love daisies. Although this piece is very simple, it's perfect for spring/summer. Also perfect for a night out with a white dress and maybe a pale pink clutch bag. 

What's your favourite statement necklace?

Spring Clothing Haul | Fashion

Before I start, my apologies for the poor camera quality in this post. My dad is currently using my Nikon camera for his football work so I had to use my iPhone when taking these pictures. I have tried to edit them just to make the quality a bit better for you. 

It is now spring which means shopping is a must. Spring is my favorite season and there was so many clothes that I wanted to take away with me. I thought I'd show you guys a few pieces of clothing which I have picked up over recent shopping trips.

Thin White Jumper - H&M

I found this jumper in the sale at H&M for only £7 and I thought it was too nice to just leave it there, so I bought it. I've been really into wearing white's at the moment as it just brightens up and gives you more of a spring/summer look. I love throwing this on with a pair of black leggings or jeans if I want a more casual look. I love baggy/slouchy jumpers so it was a must have for me.

Daisy Crop Top - H&M

Of course I had to pick up this daisy crop top. Who doesn't love daisies? I know black isn't a very spring color but the white daisies just make this crop top look so cute and summery. I like wearing this with a skater skirt or even a pair of high waisted jeans look amazing with this top. At only £5.99 this was a bargain for me.

Mint Green Thin Jumper - New Look

This is possibly my favorite item of clothing here. It comes up a lot darker on camera which is a pain, as it's such a beautiful bright mint green colour which is perfect for spring as all the pastels are starting to come out again. It's a pretty plain jumper so I do like wearing a chunky necklace with it.

Boxy Textured Top - Primark

I got this top for only £4 in Primark and I love it. It's very lightweight so you can wear it on a sunny day but it's also good for the more chilly days as it's soft on the inside and does a good job of keeping you warm. What I love most about this top is the fact that it's textured which gives it a bit more detail. Again, I love throwing this on with a pair of jeans or leggings.

Blue Skater Dress - Primark

Skater dresses are my favourite. I have tons of them. I find them so flattering on the body and there so comfortable to wear. This is one of the £5 dresses which they do in Primark and I love them all as they're so casual to wear. I picked one up in a blue colour for the spring.

Burgundy Skater Dress - Primark

I loved the blue skater dress so much that I actually bought another one but in a burgundy colour. It's much more red in person. It's so flowy and comfortable, I feel like you could wear this dress on the more chilly days as it's a much more darker colour than the other items I bought, but I just feel in love with it. It's really brings out your figure and clings to you in the right places.

Have you bought any new clothes for the spring/summer?


A Very Lazy Day | Lifestyle

Hello my lovelies. (Sorry about the heavenly pictured post - I went a tad crazy.) First off, I'd just like to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and ate loads and loads of chocolate! I thought I'd do something different on my blog today which I haven't done before and that is a lifestyle blog post. I personally love reading lifestyle blogs and whilst I couldn't think of anything else to do, I thought why not. 

Today has been a rather lazy day for me. It was my day off work today and instead of going out to do something with friends, I decided to be a bit lazy and stay indoors. I have worked my butt off for the past few weeks as I've done so much overtime at work, it's been ridiculous. I decided that today is going to be the day where I just chill at home and catch up with some 'me' time before having to go back to work tomorrow and working my butt off even more (yay).

Let's just say that I had a wonderful lay in this morning, probably the best one I've had in ages. I didn't get out of bed till 10 past 11 which was fabulous. I caught up with all my favorite TV programmes that I missed out on and I spent near enough the whole day laying on the sofa cuddled up in my blanket and a lovely cup of tea. I made a list in my notebook of all the blog posts I will be doing on here for you guys and I'm really excited about doing them all. I watched YouTube and caught up on the Shaytards - if you don't know who they are, you defiantly need to check them out. They're a family of 7 who have been doing daily vlogs for over 5 years! They're so amazing and such a cool family, seriously go watch them. 
I then caught up with some of my favorite beauty guru's, and I also watched tons and tons of room tour videos as I am starting to re-decorate my whole room soon and I wanted some ideas and inspiration, I love decorating and I cannot wait to start it and make my room look all pretty. 

It was one of those days where I just chilled in my pajamas's with no make-up on and my hair tied into a messy bun. It was lovely to have some time to myself and not worry about anything. I've been so stressed over work, and I've felt so emotionally and physically drained this week that it was lovely to have this day where I could just relax and let that stress slowly drift away.   

I know this blog post isn't exactly what I would normally post but I just thought it'd be a nice idea seeing as I love reading lifestyle post's myself. If you have any good lifestyle posts that you think I should check out then leave a comment with the link and I will.
What was your day like today?