Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer | Review

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I got this free mini sample of Benefit's Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer when I bought there Big Easy Complexion Perfecter which you can read my review on that here.
Please note that this is just a mini sample, therefore the boxing is completely different to the full product. 

I am in love with this concealer as it's so unique to any other concealer in the market and that's because of it's two in one formula. As you can see in my pictures above, this concealer has a hydrating ring around the outside and then the actual concealer pigment in the middle. It contains vitamin E and apple seed extract which helps hide those dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look. 

When applying this under my eyes, it does feel slippery which is different to any other concealer but it sinks into my skin extremely well and leaves it feeling so soft through out the whole day. Most concealers that I use quickly crease underneath my eyes but it's fair to say that I have had no problem with creasing since using this concealer. It doesn't take long to blend into your skin which is perfect for me because I am a really impatient person and can't be bothered to spend long blending in products. 

I'd say that this concealer gives you more of a sheer coverage rather than a full coverage, but you could happily build it up to whatever coverage you prefer. I like to use this concealer before applying my foundation as I feel like I don't get the same hydrating, soft effect when I use it after foundation, so I would recommend doing that. 

It's sad how my mini sample is now coming to an end but I will definitely be re-purchasing the full version of this product because I have loved and adored every single second of this as it does absolute wonders to my skin.

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