Primark: Super Soft Skinny Jeans | Fashion

Let me just say that I am not a jeans person at all. I'm that type of girl who literally lives in black leggings because I just find them so comfortable to wear and I feel that I can style them very easily. I recently noticed that my leggings collection was getting a bit too out of hand as I have over 20 pairs, crazy! I went shopping with my boyfriend and we had a look at the jeans section in Primark. I found a pair of Super Soft Skinny Jeans which to my surprise, I actually really liked. 

They're these gorgeous blue acid wash jeans that I completely fell in love with. Jeans are a much more tighter fit than leggings so I got them in a size bigger than what I normally am, these are a size 14. For £11 Primark jeans, I didn't really know what to expect from them, so I decided to wear them on the day I went to Brighton so I could see how well they lasted me throughout the day. It's safe to say that they lasted me really well! I was expecting them to have a hole in them or something like that, but they didn't and I was very pleased. The only thing that bugs me about these jeans is that they tend to stretch slightly around the waist area making them fall down a bit and having to pull them back up again, so I would recommend wearing a belt with these just to keep them secure.  

I found that they hold their shape really well and give you such a flattering figure. They're also very soft on the skin. They keep you warm during the chilly days, however they're very lightweight so they also keep you cool on the warmer days. These jeans go with just about anything but I absolutely love wearing them with crop tops. 

For only just £11, I am very happy with these jeans. You're getting a lot for your money and they're such good quality. 

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