Monday, 23 June 2014

I love lipsticks, whether it's high-end or drugstore, lipsticks are my favourite beauty product. I do like a nude lip on an everyday basis, I feel like nude lipsticks are what I am drawn to the most, I feel as if you could never go wrong with a nude lipstick. I have rounded up my top 3 favourite nudes that I have been wearing the most on a day to day basis recently. 

P.S Love Primark - I bought this lip crayon when Primark introduced their new beauty range, it's not something I'd usually go for but I saw loads of YouTube videos about these crayons and I wanted to try one out for myself. Although it doesn't last long on the lips, it's a very moisturizing lip product. It's has a very sheer finish to it which is easily build-able and contains a peachy undertone. Perfect for the summer days if you want a suttle look. 

Rimmel Kate Moss 03 - This is most pigmented lipstick out of the three and it's the one I've been using the most recently. It has a slightly brown and pink undertone to it, but doesn't wash me out at all. Compared to the other two lip products I have here, this one is more of a matte finish and very pigmented, but I'd recommend moisturizing your lips before putting this on as it does have a tendency to dry out a bit and flake if you have dry lips. It's a long lasting lipstick, I found that it lasts for around 5 hours without having to top up. 

Loreal Caresse 501 - A lot less pigmented than the other two - very sheer lipstick but again, easily build-able. I was a bit skeptical about this lipstick at first seeing as it has a brown undertone to it, I thought it would wash me out but it doesn't do that at all. As it's a sheer finish, it keeps my lips feeling very moisturized and it actually lasts on the lips for a few hours without topping up. 

What are your favourite nude lipsticks?

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