For those who don't know, I very recently signed up to BzzAgent UK which is a website that sends you free stuff for you to review. When you sign up, you answer a bunch of surveys which basically helps them choose the best campaigns for you. Once you've completed all the surveys, you then wait to be invited to a campaign which lets you get freebies. Once your freebie arrives you'll do a bunch of activities on their website to help promote that freebie, the more you complete, the more campaigns you get invited to. It's such a brilliant idea to help promote different products and it's completely free to sign up - so go on and try it out for yourself! 

With that being said, I received my 'BzzKit' in the mail a few days ago. I tried it out, completed the activities and then I thought I'd write a review about it on my blog to share my thoughts with you guys. 

Shockwaves Voluminous Mousse * retails in stores for £2.75 - really cheap product therefore it's affordable for everyone. I use this on damp clean hair for the best results. I massage it into my roots to give my hair a ultra volume boost. What I love most about this product is the fact that it protects your hair from any heat. Onto the topic of heat, I usually use curlers or straighteners to curl my hair which is obviously really damaging, but with this mousse I can manage to make beautiful wavy curls without using any heat at all which is perfect. 

I like how it doesn't make my hair feel too stiff, but I will say that it does make my hair very knotty by the next day and it does hurt when I brush it (just a little reminder). If I saw this product in stores, I'd probably never even think of buying it seeing as I never use a mousse in my hair, but now I am recommending it to all of my friends and family because I simply love it.

Have you tried Shockwaves? What's your favourite product of theirs? 

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