Monday, 21 July 2014

As you can see I have my fair share of necklaces which I wear on an everyday basis. We all have that one specific item that we love collecting and mine happens to be necklaces! I just think they compliment any outfit whether it's a daytime look or an nighttime look. 

I store all of my necklace on this really pretty shabby chic styled jewelry holder along with a few other rings and bracelets, it looks very pretty in my room and I think it's a great way of storing jewelry as they don't get tangled or broken and you can easily pick out which one to wear for the day. Most of my necklaces are from Primark as I do love Primark necklaces, they may not be that long-lasting but they're so pretty that I just can't help but buy another necklace whenever I'm in Primark. 

Let's see your necklace collection?

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