Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It's that time again when my online basket gets filled up with some of my favourite items of clothing. I went into Topshop the other day and I saw so many gorgeous clothes that I just had to do a wishlist based on them. Hopefully this wishlist will help you have an insight of some of the clothes they have in store. 

Mono Palm Print Skirted Playsuit  As soon as I walked into Topshop, this gorgeous play suit was at the front of the store and it immediately caught my eye. The palm print gives it a nice summer feel, perfect for the summer days. 

Poppy Print Wrap Playsuit I love all the different colours of this play suit. So pretty and such a good play suit for summer. You could wear this as a pretty daytime dress or you could style it up with some heels and a necklace for a gorgeous night out look. 

Lace Front Playsuit I'd personally wear this play suit as a night time going out style. I love the contrast of the lace insert and I love how the dress is shaped to fit your figure. 

Floral Print Scallop Vest This top really does brighten up a pair of plain jeans or a black skirt. I love the floral pattern, and I also like how it has a slight pastel pink colour to it which is going to be perfect for the summer. 

Crepe Swing Vest Everyone's gotta love a good basic tee-shirt. You can simply style this grey swing vest with anything, weather it's jeans, skirts or even shorts. 

Wavy Organza Trim Tee If you know me then you'd know that I am slightly obsessed with crochet type tops as I think they can really make an outfit pop. I love the style of this top and I love the design of the cut out. 

MOTO Tile Print Leigh Jeans I have been eyeing up these jeans for ages now. I think I saw a video of someone wearing these and I instantly fell in love with them. They're so unusual but I just love it. The colour of them is insanely gorgeous.

Fantasy Floral Lace Runner Shorts These shorts would look amazing with a plain black cami top. They'd make a simple outfit look good. You could also use these as part of a clubbing outfit with some black chunky heels.

NEICE Chunky Sandals Recently, I've been buying so many shoes and I don't know what's gotten into me. I think I'm having a weird obsessive stage with shoes. These are so beautiful and perfect for those summer days - I love how chunky they are. 

What's on your topshop wishlist?

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