It was my 18th birthday on Monday, I have been so excited for this day and it felt like I've been waiting forever for this day to come around. It has been and gone and I can truly say that I had such an amazing day and I'm so grateful for everything I got given. I personally love reading blog posts on what people got for their birthdays so I thought it'd be cute to do a blog post myself in case any of you guys like seeing what I got. 
(Just a quick disclaimer, I am in no way 'bragging' about what I got. I know a lot of people love reading and watching blog posts/videos about what others got for there birthdays, I'm just showing you mine)

My mum and dad were so generous and got me some stuff from LUSH. The first thing was a little gift box wrap up in such pretty packaging and inside was Ro's Argan Body Conditioner which I have used twice now and I simply love the stuff. The gift box also included a bar of soap called Sultana of Soap which smells absolutely amazing and leaves your entire body smooth and moisturized. I got 2 Think Pink LUSH bath bombs which I have used one of them already, and they smell amazing. They then got me my favourite Yankee Candle which is Vanilla Cupcake, which I haven't stopped burning since I opened this. I then opened 2 more presents and I was so grateful for what they both were - the first present was a bag full of Gatineau Paris skincare products which included under eye pads, makeup removers, lip restore balms, exfoliates and lightning radiance creams. The second present was a bunch of Real Techniques brushes, which included a buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and a blush brush. 

Moving onto what my boyfriend got me - the first present was a LUSH bath bomb which I haven't taken a picture of because I have already used it, but it was the Fizzbanger bath bomb which smelt amazing and was really fun to use. The second was a pug tea flask which I absolutely love because I'm literally obsessed with pugs, and the third present he got me was the Fujifilm instax mini 8 Polaroid Camera in a gorgeous pastel blue colour, I was so shocked he got me this as I had no idea! He also bought 40 shots for the camera. I haven't stopped taking pictures and I just want to hang my cute little Polaroids all around my bedroom. 

My Nan got me a Pandora charm which is in a little heart and says 18 on it which was so sweet of her, she also got me the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume which I have been wanting for ages so I am very grateful. My granddad got me the Jimmy Choo perfume which I have also been wanting for a very long time, and I just couldn't believe they got me them. My auntie and uncle got me a photo album which is perfect for some of my Polaroid pictures so I was very grateful about that. 

My work friends got me some cute little presents for my birthday which was so sweet of them all. They got me a chocolate champagne bottle from Thortons which said "Happy 18th Birthday" but I don't have a picture of that because I've obviously eaten it all, woops! They got me a cute 18 birthday mug for my tea which is perfect because I do love my teas, and they also got me a cute little Yankee Candle Tea Light holder as well as some Yankee Candle tea lights in the smell Soft Blanket.

My boyfriend's family was so sweet and got me a few little bits. His Mum got me a gorgeous bag which I have completely fallen in love with, it has lovely metal detailing around the edges which gives it are more grunge look about it. Inside the bag was 3 more little presents, the first one was a cute flower mug from my boyfriend's Dad, the second present was a pretty gold necklace and a really cute little pug purse from my boyfriend's sisters. His Mum also made me the most amazing 18th birthday cake which has nearly been eaten up. My boyfriend's Nan and Grandad got me a pretty flower print throw which is the most comfiest throw ever, I have been lounging around in this all day, everyday since. 

I have one last present that I completely forgot to take a picture of because it was tucked up inside my makeup bag, but my friend and her family got me Dior Mascara and Dior Eyeliner which I was extremely happy about and I cannot wait to use that. 

I had such an amazing day and night spending my birthday with my friends and family. I am so thankful for everything I got.

Do you have a birthday coming up? What's on your birthday wish list?


I always love to try out new shampoo's and conditioner's for my hair, I can never stick to using one specific brands I must always switch it up! My hair has been on the more dry side recently, no idea why - could be the weather but either way, my hair has been lacking that softness and moisture that it needs. 

I've used Tresemme brand before when it comes to hair care and I've been very impressed with each product I've used, and this product is no different. I have noticed that this shampoo and conditioner has made my hair feel and look so much more healthier - it locks in the moisture which gives a beautiful shine to my hair. I can honestly see and feel the difference in my hair since using these products. 

I have also noticed that my hair doesn't get greasy that easily anymore, I'd usually wash my hair every other day but recently I've been washing it every 2 or 3 days which is amazing as it saves me so much time and my hair products are lasting me ages! 

Have you tried these products out?


I was recently awarded the Blogger of the Month award with The Next Blogger Network which is a really great site for bloggers who want to share any NEXT related posts and you can also meet and socialize with new and upcoming bloggers. Check the site out here. 
Next very kindly awarded me with £50 to spend on there next website, which I was extremely grateful for. All of my Next goodies arrived the other day, and I was so eager to try out this Cashmere Eye Shadow Palette*, seeing as I was in the middle of putting my make up on when I got the delivery, I thought what a perfect time to try this eye shadow palette out! 

The palette comes in 10 gorgeous shades, including some shimmers and some matte shades. My favourite three shades I've been using the most are the 3rd, 5th and 6th shades in the palette. I have been able to create a variety of different looks using these 10 shades, they have perfect light colours for a beautiful day time look as well as some dark colours for a night out look.

Each of these eye shadows are all very pigmented which was really surprising to me, as this palette only retails for £6 I think it's such a bargain. It's the perfect eye shadow palette if you're just starting out in make up and experimenting with eye shadows, I think this would be my go-to palette for beginners. Each of the colours lasted a long time on my eye lids, with and without a primer which is always a plus. 

I am extremely happy with this palette and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

Have you tried this palette? What's your favourite shade?


I seem to have noticed that I have been reaching towards certain products recently when it comes down to my skin and hair care. The products which I'm showing you are my most used and loved products recently that I just can't seem to get enough of them all. 

I use this cleanser every night to take my make up off and it does such an amazing job, even when removing that tough waterproof eye makeup, it just seems to come straight off when using this product. I love how well this cleanses my skin and it just leaves it feeling so refreshed and soft, I have been reaching for this a lot recently and sadly I'm nearly out of it but it will defiantly be one of my re-purchased products. Read my full review on this product here. 

My lips get dry very easily, and I heard so much hype about the Lush Lip Scrubs from reading reviews and talking to friends. I decided to get one myself a few weeks ago and I have been using this product every single day since I bought it. I usually scrub my lips with this before bed and apply a good lip balm then when I wake up the next morning, my lips are as soft as ever. Read my full review on this product here. 

I bought this product a few weeks ago when I was starting to break out a bit more than usual. This product is mainly fore acne prone skin and I think it did a brilliant job at clearing my skin after the first few washes. The only downside I have with this product is the fact that it does tend to dry out your skin a bit more but with a good moisturizer, you should be fine. 

As my skin is very sensitive and I tend to get allergic reactions to skin products quite a bit, I decided to go for Superdrugs own Simply Pure Refreshing Toner which is 100% fragrance free. It really does refresh my skin, it feels so soothing on the skin and for the cheap price of it, I personally think it really does it's job well. I have been reaching for this after I use my cleansing balm just to tone my skin a bit. 

I got sent this Shockwaves Mousse a while ago from my bzzagent campaign (more about that here). I have quite fine hair and recently I've noticed that my hair has been looking quite dull and lacking volume. I have been using this mousse to help give my hair a bit off a volume boost. After I wash it, I like to massage a 50p size amount in my roots and dry it naturally to help my hair create a bit of volume and make it look more fuller.

What products have you been loving recently?


I've recently been reading quite a few blogposts that are to do with bad beauty habits, I love reading what people's different habits are so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my personal bad beauty habits which some of you may be able to relate to. 

Peeling off nail varnish
This is my worst habit. A few days after I painted my nails and I start to see some chipping, I just can't help but peel the whole thing off. I've always done it and no matter how hard I try and how many times I tell myself not to, it just keeps happening. oops!

Picking my mascara
Whenever I'm bored or nervous about something, I will continuously start to pick my mascara off. To me, it feels like a relief and helps me get less stressed and nervous for some strange reason. It doesn't help that I sometimes pull off chunks of my eyelashes sometimes. Not good. 

Not moisturizing enough 
I somehow forget to moisturize daily. I could happily remember to take my makeup off every night and wash my face every morning, but when it comes to moisturizer I just forget to put it on. I'll be halfway through doing my makeup and then think to myself "Oh I forgot to moisturize" and it'll be a constant pattern. I think I defiantly need to set a reminder on my phone. 

Touching my hair too much
I constantly complain about how my hair gets greasy way too quickly, yet I'm the one that's making it more greasy. I touch my hair all the time throughout the day. The amount of people that tell me to stop touching my hair is ridiculous, I don't know why I do it. I've done it ever since I was in school all the time. I need to somehow stop this. 

Makeup brush washing
I tend to become very lazy when it comes down to washing my makeup brushes. I usually forget to do it or I just cannot be bothered to get up and actually wash them. I have gotten much better with washing my brushes more often but it's just those odd one off days where I need to wash them but I don't. This needs to change quickly. 

What are your bad beauty habits? Can you relate to any of mine?