Monday, 4 August 2014

I've recently been reading quite a few blogposts that are to do with bad beauty habits, I love reading what people's different habits are so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my personal bad beauty habits which some of you may be able to relate to. 

Peeling off nail varnish
This is my worst habit. A few days after I painted my nails and I start to see some chipping, I just can't help but peel the whole thing off. I've always done it and no matter how hard I try and how many times I tell myself not to, it just keeps happening. oops!

Picking my mascara
Whenever I'm bored or nervous about something, I will continuously start to pick my mascara off. To me, it feels like a relief and helps me get less stressed and nervous for some strange reason. It doesn't help that I sometimes pull off chunks of my eyelashes sometimes. Not good. 

Not moisturizing enough 
I somehow forget to moisturize daily. I could happily remember to take my makeup off every night and wash my face every morning, but when it comes to moisturizer I just forget to put it on. I'll be halfway through doing my makeup and then think to myself "Oh I forgot to moisturize" and it'll be a constant pattern. I think I defiantly need to set a reminder on my phone. 

Touching my hair too much
I constantly complain about how my hair gets greasy way too quickly, yet I'm the one that's making it more greasy. I touch my hair all the time throughout the day. The amount of people that tell me to stop touching my hair is ridiculous, I don't know why I do it. I've done it ever since I was in school all the time. I need to somehow stop this. 

Makeup brush washing
I tend to become very lazy when it comes down to washing my makeup brushes. I usually forget to do it or I just cannot be bothered to get up and actually wash them. I have gotten much better with washing my brushes more often but it's just those odd one off days where I need to wash them but I don't. This needs to change quickly. 

What are your bad beauty habits? Can you relate to any of mine?

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