Thursday, 2 October 2014

For today's post I thought I'd do something a little bit different, that I haven't done before on this blog yet I see it all the time on others and I absolutely love reading them. A Collective Haul! These are a few items which I have purchased over the last 2 months or so, and I thought I'd share them with you and hopefully it'll give you some ideas for when you next go shopping.

Starting off with a few little pieces that I bought. One of my favourite items which I have been absolutely loving recently is my Listography book that I got from Waterstones. I have seen this book before and I didn't know whether to buy it or not, but I finally caved in and did it. It's honestly such an amazing book if you love writing down lists (just like I do). It really gives you something to do in your spare time or whenever you're bored. 

I bought a new Dove body wash which is amazing. It literally feels like you're rubbing silk all over your body, it's so satisfying haha. The other little piece I got was from Topshop and it's actually a necklace set, you get three beautiful necklaces for £14.50 and although that may sound a bit expensive, the necklaces last for ages and they're all such good quality. 

Moving onto the clothes and starting with Newlook, I bought this gorgeous navy wrap over skirt which has a beautiful floral print on it. I actually bought this to specifically wear on a night out I was going to, but I love wearing this skirt paired with black tights and cute ankle boots for the fall season. I then bought 2 plain tops because you can never have enough basics. These tops are just perfect for every day wear but you can also dress them up with a cute statement necklace and maybe some high waisted pants. The last item I bought from Newlook is this beautiful tartan scarf, I am a massive fan of anything that's tartan print and I thought this was so pretty especially for Autumn/Winter. 

I bought two tops from Topshop. First top was a plain burgundy coloured crop top which they have in a variety of different colours and they're only £12. Something tells me that I may have to take another trip to Topshop again to get some of these tops in more colours. The second top was actually something I found hiding at the back of a rack of clothes, the only down fall to this top is the fact that it isn't my size so it looks a tad too big on me, but I wanted it so much that I just didn't care at the time. It just looks like a over sized top which is fine because I love baggy over sized clothes as they're much more comfortable to wear. 

The only item I bought from River Island was this beautiful white lace top. I fell in love with the detail on this top as soon as I saw it and I just knew that it had to be mine. I have been wearing this top to death and it now has foundation marks on the neckline, oops. The back of this top is buttoned so you could either have it closed or open back if you want. 

This is another item which I have been wearing to death and it's this beautiful floral print dress from H&M. I love wearing this with black tights and ankle boots for an every day look, but you could dress this up with a pair of heels and it would look amazing. It's also so comfortable to wear.

Of course I had to take a trip into Primark. Firstly I bought this cream/grey (ish) cardigan which is perfect for slouching around the house in. This cardigan also goes really well with skater dresses. I then bought this over sized grey jumper which has a zip all the way down the back for a bit of detailing, again this is also perfect for slouching around the house in or if you want to wear something a bit more casual and comfortable for the day. Last but definitely not least, I found these super cute pug pyjamas! I absolutely love pugs, I would own 10 little pugs if I could. Of course I had to buy these, they're so comfortable and they make me happy every time I wear them haha. 

What's your favourite item?

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