I do love reading a good ol' non beauty favourites post. I like being nosey and seeing what everyone has been loving non beauty related recently. I have gathered up a few of my favourites which I have adored over the past few weeks. 

Newlook Tartan Print Scarf:
This item has been a massive staple piece for me these past few weeks. I have been wearing this scarf near enough every day since I first bought it. It goes with pretty much everything that I wear and it does a really good job in keeping me extra warm on those cold winter days. Plus, it's tartan print. Who doesn't love a bit of tartan?

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid:
I got this as a birthday gift from my boyfriend and I've been using it a hell of a lot recently. I just love the idea of taking a picture and then instantly having it printed it out for you. I love taking this camera with me whenever I'm going out somewhere exciting so I am able to capture the memory and keep it forever.

Gone Girl Book:
I saw this film when it first came out in the cinema and I thought it was brilliant. I got told so many times that the book is amazing and much better than the movie. I bought the book and have been hooked on it ever since. It's one of those books that you just can't seem to put down. If you like crime books or books where you solve mysteries then I defiantly recommend this one. 

Yankee Candle Christmas Treats:
I do love my Yankee Candles, I saw this one in ASDA just for £9 and as I was in the Christmas spirit I picked it up. It reminds me a lot of Vanilla Cupcake (which is one of my favourite Yankee Candles). I love burning this in the evenings as it makes the room all cosy and it just feels it with a gorgeous scent that lasts for ages. 

Primark Heels:
Recently I went to a christening and was looking for a new pair of heels which I could wear for it. I saw these babies in Primark and I just had to get them! I'm normally a size 7 and they only had an 8, but I couldn't resist so I picked them up anyway and they fitted me completely fine once I had some tights on. They were just £6 in the sale which I thought was brilliant. They're so comfortable and also the heel isn't too high so they didn't hurt my feet in the slightest. 

American Horror Story:
Me and my boyfriend got through seasons 1 and 2 of this show within a month. Every single night we'd sit down and watch 2 or 3 episodes a night on Netflix. We are half way through season 3 right now. This is by far my favourite TV show ever, I love how weird and creepy it is and I just love how it's so unique. I'm also a little bit in love with Evan Peters. 


I'm more of a neutral/nude lip kind of girl however I do love a bit of the 'dark lip' in the autumn season. I have found myself picking up some gorgeous berry colours recently and I thought I'd round up my favourite lip colours I have been wearing on a daily basis for the autumn/winter months. 
(order from the top of my hand, to the bottom of my hand as shown in the picture)

Rimmel Kate Moss 03
My most used lipstick out of these four. Perfect for an everyday nude. The colour is very long lasting and stays put on the lips without having to touch up every hour or so. It has a hint of peach colour in this which also makes it a perfect lipstick for all year round. 

Lovie 18
I discovered a new makeup shop in my home town recently called Lovie. It's full of eyeshadows, lipsticks, makeup brushes, eyeliners and every kind of makeup you could think of, all for a really cheap price. This lipstick was only £2.00 but the formula of the product is amazing. Shade 18 is more of a darker nude, when applied onto my lips it reminds me of a good dupe for Mac's Velvet Teddy. 

Lovie 06
I loved the first lipstick from this brand so much that I went and picked another one up. It wouldn't be autumn without a good dark berry shade in my lipstick collection. When this shade is first applied to my lips it looks like a very dark red colour however, the more I build this colour up, the more it turns into a purple looking shade. It has a very creamy formula therefore it really does help moisturize your lips and giving such high pigmentation also. 

Collection Lasting Colour 13
This shade is very similar to Rimmel's Kate Moss 03, however slightly darker. It's a perfect everyday colour. I've noticed that this lipstick has a brownish undertone to it, making it suitable for the autumn months. Pigmentation is amazing and the colour manages to last for up to 4 hours without any touch up. 


Washing my makeup brushes is something I do on a regular basis. I try to wash my brushes at least once a week as I believe it's very important to do so. Each time you use your makeup brushes you're letting bacteria build up inside therefore making your face more prone to breaking out if you don't give them a good clean every week or so. It'll also help make your brushes last much longer. (Quick note: Your brushes will need at least 24 hours to dry therefore I recommend washing them after you've applied your makeup for the day)

Step 1: 
I get a small plate and simply pour a generous amount of washing up liquid (or anti-bacterial hand wash if you don't have washing up liquid on hand) mixed with a 50p size amount of olive oil. The washing up liquid helps to really get into the bristles for a deep clean and the olive oil helps to get rid of any excess staining on the brushes.

Step 2:
Working with one brush at a time, I run it through some lukewarm water just to get it a bit damp. I then dip my brush into the mixture of washing up liquid and olive oil getting a generous amount onto the brush.

Step 3:
I then work the brush into the palm of my hand using a circular motion to really get inside of all those bristles and help break up any old makeup and bacteria that may of been lurking around there. If I feel as if it's not lathering up as much, I just add a tiny bit more water to help it get started.

Step 4:
Once I've worked the mixture into the brush for about a minute or so, I then squeeze out any excess product and then I rinse under the lukewarm water. I use the same circular motions when rinsing just to make sure all of the washing up liquid and olive oil is out of my brush completely. This step can take quite a lot of time especially when trying to rinse off the more dense and bigger brushes.

Step 5:
I give the brush one last squeeze to get out all of the water and I then like to re-shape my brushes so that they return to their normal shape once dried. I like to lay my brushes out on either a dry, clean towel or on my window sill with the bristles just over the edge so that the air can circulate through them easily, helping them to dry quicker.

It's so important to pick just one day a week to clean your makeup brushes because it can really make a difference in your skin and also how they apply makeup to your face. I find that they work so much better when you have squeaky clean makeup brushes. 


I personally don't use makeup wipes to remove my makeup. I have always had a love/hate relationship with wipes, some were amazing to use and took my makeup off with just one swipe however some were complete rubbish and most of them give me a allergic reaction. My skin would burn and tingle, it would go bright red and took about 20 minutes to calm down. I have very sensitive skin and I never found out the reason as to why my skin reacted that way to certain makeup wipes but I have found a different technique when taking off my makeup using cleansers.

I first tried The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm which worked wonders for my skin. I recently thought it was time for a change and wanted to try something completely different. I bought the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk from the Clinique website not too long ago for £19.00. I have been using this product every night since it delivered to my door and it's my new favourite skin care product. It's 100% fragrance free so it's perfect for my sensitive skin. It has a milky consistency that gently helps to dissolve my face and eye makeup easily without having to rub my face. Once I've massaged this product into my skin for about a minute or so, I then simply take a face cloth and some warm water and just wipe it straight off. It leaves my face feeling so soft and very clean and it's super easy to use.

I defiantly won't be going back to makeup wipes after discovering cleansing products and I think I have found my holy grail skin care product with this cleansing milk. For anyone who suffers with sensitive skin just like me, I really do recommend this product to you.


Over a couple of recent trips in my local town centre, I managed to pick up not a lot but a few awesome clothing pieces which I have been adoring over the past couple of weeks. It's not much but I love every item I bought so I wanted to share my recent purchases that have been perfect for the Autumn season.

Burgundy Tartan Knitted Skirt
I tried to find the link to this on there website but they didn't have it anymore, although they might have it in store! I bought this skirt from George in Asda when I was shopping for some home ware bits. I saw this in the distance in the clothes department and I went straight to it, found my size and bought it. I've been wanting a knitted skirt for a while now as I think they're the perfect skirts for the colder weather and they look gorgeous paired with some black tights. I believe this was £12.

Berry Stitch Jumper
This is such a perfect autumn jumper. I bought this from a shop called Select and it was only £9.99. It's a cropped jumper which I didn't realise until after I bought it, but that doesn't bother me as it looks amazing with a cute black skater skirt and some boots. It's so soft and snuggly and I love it.

Oversized Tartan Shirt
For some reason, this isn't showing up on the website either but I know that they defiantly should have it in store because I only bought this about two weeks ago. This tartan shirt is from New Look for only £19.99, whenever Autumn comes along I have a thing with buying tartan clothing. I just love tartan print and I like it suits the season perfectly. I bought this shirt in a bigger size as I wanted it to be quite baggy on me, I like to pair this with a black cami top underneath and some pair of black skinny jeans.

Primark Chelsea Boots
I have been wearing these boots to death ever since I bought them. I saw that they now do another version of these but with a bigger chunkier heel which would look perfect for a night out. Considering these boots were only £12, they are so bloody comfortable to walk in. I could wear these throughout the day without my feet hurting. I just think they're such a good Autumn staple to have in your wardrobe and you could literally pair these up with any outfit.


I have been hearing a lot of positive things about Rimmel's new Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil that I was eager to try it out for myself to see what all the hype was about.

This product claims that it's the 'secret weapon' to full volume without clumps. A formula with Argan Oil leaves lashes feeling smooth and conditioned. Ultra-flex brush gives ultimate definition. 'Clumps killed. Lashes revealed' - I 100% agree with the no clumps side to this mascara, the tiny rubber bristles do a really good job in separating your lashes however I don't get that much volume from it. I feel it's more of a lengthening mascara rather than volumising, it defiantly makes my eyelashes look a bit longer. I have also noticed when first trying this out that it's very light weight on my lashes therefore feels like I have hardly anything on my eyes which is something I love about this product. Normally when I apply a mascara to my lashes they end up feeling all dried out and stiff whenever I feel them, but this mascara helps to condition my lashes really well by using the fabulous Argan Oil, leaving them feeling soft and smooth.

It leaves a really natural finish to my lashes making this a perfect mascara for an everyday use. I usually use a different mascara designed for my bottom lashes but I thought I'd give this a try on my bottom lashes to see how well it holds up and so far I have had no problem with 'panda eyes'. It doesn't smudge on my under eye at all which is always a bonus. I am really pleased with this product so far and I would defiantly purchase it again. If you're looking for a no clump everyday mascara which gives off a natural finish then you should check this one out for yourself.


New Look is probably one of my favourite places to shop at. Whether I'm looking for a night out piece, basics, statement necklaces or stylish shoes New Look is my holy grail. The quality of clothes are fantastic and they always bring out beautiful clothing for each season.
I have seen some fabulous Autumn/Winter pieces whilst roaming around New Look recently and seeing as I love reading other Wishlist posts, I thought I'd share with you the items I have been wanting.

A perfect Autumn style night out staple. This would look gorgeous with a high waisted skater skirt for a day time outfit, or paired with some black skorts and chunky heels for a night time outfit. Burgundy is my favourite colour in the autumn/winter season as I feel it gives a warm tone to everything.

A nice everyday top that can be paired with some high waisted skinny jeans or even a black skirt. I am in love with check print so this item was a massive must for me. 

I have seen blanket wraps in near enough any shop I go in. They look so comfortable and they're something you can just throw on whenever you're feeling a bit chilly. Of course, it's check print so I had to pick this one (typical).

One things for sure, I own way too many cardigans. I can't help it, they just go with so many things. A cardigan over the top of a pretty cami top and a skater skirt is always my favourite. I love the musky grey colour of this cardigan and I love how over sized it is. 

It's burgundy and it's check - my two favourite things. Skirts are not just for the summer season as you could easily pair this skirt with some thick black tights and a basic cami top. I love the contrast of the colour of this skirt and just for £9.99 this is a total bargain. 

I don't normally wear playsuits on a daily basis, but when I saw the model wearing this one with a pair of tights, it looked lovely. The floral print is stunning and really does stand out because of the black.

I am in love with these boots! I am loving chunky platformed boots at the moment and these are a perfect example of them. It has a more grungy style to them which I adore. These would look lovely with some high waisted jeans and maybe a leather jacket.

As Christmas is rolling near, the pyjamas are starting to come out a lot more. I love the prints that they do around Christmas time. I also love how soft and comfortable some of the pyjamas are. I am loving the pyjamas that have the cuffed bottoms just like these ones. I invested in 2 new pairs of cuffed pyjama bottoms and they are seriously the most comfiest items ever. 

Another playsuit which I love. The daisy print is so pretty and really goes well with the burgundy colour. I also love the layers of this playsuit, makes it look much thicker and perfect for Autumn with a pair of tights and some cute boots.


Ever since buying the Organix Coconut Milk Oil for my split ends, I have been in love and that product is now a holy grail of mine. I have been wanting to try more of this range so I picked up the OGX Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

This product smells amazing. The smell of coconut stays in my hair for about 2 days and it's just heaven. If you love the smell of coconut as much as I do, then you'll find that you wont be able to stop smelling your own hair! This product has a really thick and creamy consistency, I haven't came across a product that has this type of consistency. I have noticed that the shampoo does take a while to lather up but feels amazing on your scalp once it starts to. 

I love using this product to really give my scalp a good cleansing as it feel it does an amazing job doing so. It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and healthier. I normally get horrible split ends due to my damaged hair, however since using these products along with the Coconut Milk Oil, I have seen that it makes a huge difference to the split ends and has made my hair in much better condition.