Monday, 10 November 2014

Washing my makeup brushes is something I do on a regular basis. I try to wash my brushes at least once a week as I believe it's very important to do so. Each time you use your makeup brushes you're letting bacteria build up inside therefore making your face more prone to breaking out if you don't give them a good clean every week or so. It'll also help make your brushes last much longer. (Quick note: Your brushes will need at least 24 hours to dry therefore I recommend washing them after you've applied your makeup for the day)

Step 1: 
I get a small plate and simply pour a generous amount of washing up liquid (or anti-bacterial hand wash if you don't have washing up liquid on hand) mixed with a 50p size amount of olive oil. The washing up liquid helps to really get into the bristles for a deep clean and the olive oil helps to get rid of any excess staining on the brushes.

Step 2:
Working with one brush at a time, I run it through some lukewarm water just to get it a bit damp. I then dip my brush into the mixture of washing up liquid and olive oil getting a generous amount onto the brush.

Step 3:
I then work the brush into the palm of my hand using a circular motion to really get inside of all those bristles and help break up any old makeup and bacteria that may of been lurking around there. If I feel as if it's not lathering up as much, I just add a tiny bit more water to help it get started.

Step 4:
Once I've worked the mixture into the brush for about a minute or so, I then squeeze out any excess product and then I rinse under the lukewarm water. I use the same circular motions when rinsing just to make sure all of the washing up liquid and olive oil is out of my brush completely. This step can take quite a lot of time especially when trying to rinse off the more dense and bigger brushes.

Step 5:
I give the brush one last squeeze to get out all of the water and I then like to re-shape my brushes so that they return to their normal shape once dried. I like to lay my brushes out on either a dry, clean towel or on my window sill with the bristles just over the edge so that the air can circulate through them easily, helping them to dry quicker.

It's so important to pick just one day a week to clean your makeup brushes because it can really make a difference in your skin and also how they apply makeup to your face. I find that they work so much better when you have squeaky clean makeup brushes. 

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