Thursday, 11 December 2014

When I heard about Herbal Essences new Naked line which has 0% silicone, parabens and colorants, I just had to try it out. I'm always looking out for new shampoo and conditioners to try out for my hair, and I'm mainly on the look out for some what natural products. I believe this shampoo and conditioner comes in three different collections suitable for different hair types: Clearly Naked Volume collection for people with fine and dull hair that needs a bit of bounce, Clearly Naked Moisture collection for those people that need a bit of moisture in there hair to replenish and revitalize the strands, Clearly Naked Shine collection to give your hair a silky soft finish with a glowing shine. 

I picked out the volume collection as my hair is quite fine and sometimes it needs a boost to create a healthy looking bounce. I have very mixed feelings about this product. After rinsing the shampoo off, my hair just felt like straw! It was so dry and felt horrible to touch however after applying the conditioner, my hair felt back to normal again and very soft. I do use a hair treatment on my hair once every 2 weeks to keep the moisture locked in. The volume shampoo is defiantly a very drying shampoo so I wouldn't recommend this on anyone who already has quite dry hair. The thing which I do really love about this product is the scent. The shampoo and conditioner contains grapefruit and mint extracts therefore it gives off a wonderful peppermint scent to my hair.

I personally don't think I'd purchase this particular product again, however I would like to try out their moisture and shine collections to see if those two are less drying on my hair than this one is. 

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