Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I saw this product when browsing through the hair care section in Superdrug. It was on offer plus I have never tried any of the Fat Hair range before, I have seen and read quite a few reviews on some of their products and have heard many good things about it so I thought I might as well try it out.

Fat Hair had a variety of different styling products, however this one product caught my eye the most. This Amplifying Mist is designed for fine, limp hair as it helps transform into thicker, fuller and stronger hair. It includes an advance repair formula which includes a blend of protein, extract, inositol and taurine which helps to volumize and repair damaged hair. It also includes Avocado which provides moisture and shine to help give your hair a much healthier looking appearance. Once I've washed my hair, I like to spray this evenly throughout my hair and then comb through with my Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer making sure every hair strand is coated. I then let my hair air dry for the rest of the day (or you could blow dry it. Do whatever suits you). I feel like using this has made a big difference in the way my hair feels and looks, it's a lot more shiner making my hair look very healthy and it also feels so soft due to the Avocado that's inside. My fine, dull hair looks a lot more thicker and textured once dry - I have also been finding it easier to manage. This product doesn't seem to way my hair down at all however I have found that if I use a bit too much of it on my roots, it can make my hair become more greasy quicker so I try not to go over board with the product. I have been using this product after every hair wash so far and I do love it, I recommend it for anyone who has fine hair. I defiantly would love to try out more of their hair care products and I just might have to take another trip to Superdrug soon. 
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