Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I'm sure everyone has seen all the Instagram pictures or YouTube videos of all the extreme cream contouring and highlighting techniques. They do seem quite daunting and scary when you first see them however it's not as bad as it looks. I've been obsessed with contorting and highlighting using cream products recently and I have found the easiest technique for myself that anyone will be able to achieve this. I'm going to be taking you through step by step about how I like to cream contour and highlight my face. 

For this technique I am using just 3 products:
Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting for the contour.
Maybelline The Eraser Eye for the highlight.
Benefit Watt's Up Cream Highlighter to add more of a glow to your highlight. 
Two of these products are both high end products, if you're looking for something a bit on the cheaper side then you could simply use two different shades of concealers (a very light shade and also a dark shade) which will work exactly that same. 

1. I like to start off by applying my primer and foundation as normal. I like to use the L'Oreal Nude Magique foundation to give more of a natural glow to my face. 

2. I like to blend in my contour product first and then move onto the highlight products last. I firstly apply the cream contour into the hollows of my cheek just by drawing a generous line making sure the line only goes halfway down my cheek. I also draw lines on the top of my forehead, along my jawline and on the sides on my nose just to give my face more definition. You could either blend the contour using your fingers or you could use a brush which is my favourite way to blend in cream products. I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to buff away at the contour colour so it becomes less harsh.

3. Once I've got my contour blended out, I then start on my highlighting. I place the Maybelline Eye Eraser underneath my eyes, on top of my cheekbones, center of my forehead, on the bridge of my nose and a tiny bit on my cupids bow and chin. Once again, I blend that out using a brush however this time I like to use Real Techniques Expert Face brush. I then like to apply Benefits Watt's Up! Cream Highlighter onto the top of my cheekbones over the top of where I put my concealer just to make my cheeks pop and also give a bit of a glow. I blend that in very gently using my fingers.

4. Now that I've finished my cream contour and highlighting process, I now need to set everything so that it stays put throughout the day and doesn't slide around on my skin. I start off by using my Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder to set the places where I put my highlight and then I like to go in with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer and dust that over the places where I contoured to make sure that's been set also. 

And that's how I like to contour and highlight my face using cream products, it's really simple and anyone is able to do it for themselves. Even if you don't have these products, there's so many out there on the market that work just as well. 
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