I have never really been a big fan of BB Creams in the past. No idea why that was, but I just never got along with them very well. I recently been seeing reviews and also tutorials using BB Creams and decided that I wanted to pick one up and try it out again. I've wanted a face product to use on those days where I don't fancy wearing a full face of foundation therefore a BB Cream would be perfect for this. 

I picked up Rimmel's 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting BB Cream and decided to wear it for a few days instead of my normal foundation so I could get a good review on it. To my surprise, the consistency of this is quite thick however doesn't feel cakey on the skin in the slightest, although I do find that it dries and sets very quickly therefore you'll have to blend this in faster. The BB Cream actually has a very nice amount of coverage, it's a light to medium I would say and you could also build it up if you'd prefer more. 

This BB Cream claims to prime, moisturize, minimize pores, conceals, covers, smooths, mattifies, brightens and helps protect. It also has SPF 25 which makes this product perfect for taking on holiday with you. 

I like applying this with a flat top kabuki brush as I feel that gives the best coverage for my skin. I wore this BB Cream on my face the other day when I was going out for the whole day just to see how well it would last on my skin. I did use a primer before applying the BB Cream only because I can never seem to apply anything on my face unless I use a primer first. The BB Cream seemed to hold up throughout the day however I did find that it clinged onto some of my dry patches such as around my nose and on my chin - it did go quite flaky and started to peel on those areas however the rest of my face was completely fine and it managed to stay on all through the day until I took it off in the evening. I also found that my face strongly smelt of sun screen and I think that was to do with the SPF 25 as every now and then I would get a slight whiff of the scent - it didn't put me off at all, that's just something to keep in mind before you go out and buy this product! 

I overall like this product and I like it for those days where I don't want to wear a full face of foundation - it does cover and conceal any blemishes that I want hidden and it works just as well as a foundation would do but with a slightly lighter coverage.



MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick has been the one lipstick that I have been wanting to purchase for absolutely ages but I just never got round to doing so. However each time I saw a photo of someone wearing this lipstick, I simply fell in love with the shade over and over again and I felt like it was a lipstick that I needed in my life. 

I had doubts thinking that this colour wouldn't suit my fair skin tone but I was completely wrong. This is the perfect everyday shade and it can be paired with multiple different eye looks, whether you're going for a natural or a dramatic look. The finish of this lipstick is a matte which is a bit different for me seeing as I hardly ever go for the matte lipsticks due to having quite dry lips naturally which sucks! To my surprise, the formula is not as drying as I thought it would be - it has a very creamy texture therefore glides onto the lips perfectly and it does manage to stay put throughout most of the day. I do find myself applying a clear lip balm over the top of this lipstick after a few hours just to let some moisture back into my lips because I find that it does start to dry out my lips after leaving it on for a while but then again I do expect that with a matte finish. 

I have been wearing this colour on its own recently however I have seen that a lot of people like pairing this with MAC's Soar lip liner which I have yet to try! 



I wanted to do something a bit different on my blog this evening. It's a bit of a different post to what I would normally do however I feel as if this could help quite a few people as it certainly helps me whenever I have a bad case of 'writers block'. Believe it or not, sometimes one of the hardest parts of writing a blog is coming up with all the different blog post ideas to write about. When I first started this blog, I had so many ideas all at once however as time went on and as I started getting into writing more and more posts each week, I would very often just go blank and have no idea as to what I want to write about! I know that everyone can get like this at some point and I know just how frustrating it may be, therefore I have come up with 10 beauty related blog post ideas to either help you get started with your blog or for when you may have a case of the 'writers block'. 

Daily Makeup Routine
I personally love reading these sort of posts. Take a few pictures of all the different products you use on an everyday basis and just blog about your makeup routine! It's actually very interesting reading about what products others use on their face everyday. 

Products You've Used Up
It's a great idea to keep all of your unused empty products in a stash somewhere because it would make a great "Empties" blog post! Give us a insight of what each product was like and whether you would re-purchase it or not. 

Top 10 Lipsticks/Foundations/Blushers etc.
Most of my makeup purchases have been down to reading about peoples top 10 products such as lipsticks, blushers, foundations, eye shadows - you get what I mean. Let us know why you like them and why they're in your top 10. 

Review a Product
Probably one of the most common blog posts ever but we enjoy reading them. Get one of your recently purchased items or even the old items and review them. Tell us about how well they work for you, if you would re-purchase it, if you recommend it for everyone else and so on. You could review near enough anything!

Celebrity Inspired Makeup Tutorial
This is always a fun post to read. The site Pinterest is amazing for getting celebrity makeup ideas, simply find a look that you like, play around with your makeup and then write about how you created the look and what sort of products you used. 

Makeup Wishlists
This is a good post not only for other people to read but also it's like a personal thing that you can always go back and look on. A wishlist is basically a round up of makeup products that you 'wish' you had or that you're hoping to buy in the future.

Products You Regret Buying
It's similar to the 'products you've used up' post however this time you're telling us about the products that you really wish you hadn't bought because they're either awful or they just don't work for you personally. Us as bloggers like to know what sort of products we should spend our money on and what sort of products we should just hit and miss. 

Beauty DIY
You can watch so many DIY makeup videos if you're stuck with what to do. Play around with little bits and bobs that you have an make your own lipstick or lip balm. You could even do a homemade face mask or a homemade hair mask!

Makeup Collection
One of my most favourite posts to read is makeup collections. I love looking at how different everyone's collection is, and I also like looking at how they present and set up there makeup storage. Make sure to take lots of pictures and even go through what products you have and what brands you like the most.

Beauty Buys Under £10
Talk about some of your favourite beauty products that have costed under £10! We all love a bargain.

I really do hope this post has help some of you. If you'd like to share any blog post ideas yourself then feel free to leave a comment. 



I wanted to quickly review MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot today seeing as it's become one of my most used products within the past week or so. I purchased this straight from MAC's online website for £16 - I know that may seem a bit expensive for a product that only contains just 5g however I can see this lasting me for over a year as you really do not need to use a lot of product each time. 

I like using this as an eye shadow base/primer, it manages to cancel out any discoloration that I may have on my eye lids and it also helps to enhance eye shadow colour as well as helping to make your eye shadow last throughout the whole day. The formula is very creamy therefore I prefer applying this with my fingers just to make sure that it blends out nice and evenly. The product then sets to a powder finish which makes blending eye shadows really easy to do and it also does a fantastic job by preventing the shadows from creasing. 

I am simply loving this product at the moment, I use it every morning when getting ready and my eye shadow seems to last a lot longer whenever I have this on underneath. I'm looking forward to purchasing more of these Paint Pots in different shades. 



I would like to start this post off by apologizing for the dirty looking brushes, I've been trying these out for a while to get a good review done on them and I must admit that they are definitely in need of a clean! I was wanting to expand on my makeup brush collection for a while as most of my makeup brushes are from real techniques and a few random brands. I wasn't really willing to spend a lot on just one brush to be honest, so I headed over to Ebay and had a look at some of the makeup brush sets. 

I found this 10 piece Kabuki Style Brush Set for just £4.49 with FREE postage. I was so excited and clicked the 'Buy it now' button within a few seconds. Of course, I was a bit skeptical about them being so cheap however when they arrived I was impressed with how sturdy and professional these looked. I tried them out the day after and I instantly fell in love with them. They all work just as good as any of the real technique brushes - they're so soft seeing as the hair is synthetic and although their not as dense as some other brushes, they still manage to work perfectly also none of these brushes have shed for me in slightest yet which is always a good sign. 

The brush set comes with 5 piece face brushes and 5 piece eye brushes. It includes:
  • Round Kabuki - I use this for my liquid foundations. It works very nicely and manages to buff the foundation into my skin for a flawless look.
  • Tapered Kabuki - Perfect to use when blending in concealer under the eye or even setting the concealer with powder. 
  • Flat Kabuki - This is a good dupe of Sigma's F80 brush. It's good for buffing in liquid or cream foundations.
  • Flat Angled Kabuki - Good for blending foundation in the harder areas of your face such as around the nose and mouth.
  • Angled Kabuki - I like using this to either contour my face or I also like using this to buff in cream blushers onto my cheeks. 
  • Precision Flat - Perfect for applying eye shadow primer to your lids to help eye shadow last all day long.
  • Precision Angled - I like using this to apply eye shadow in the V shape of my eyelids, it just makes things a bit more simple.
  • Precision Tapered - This brush is amazing for creating that gorgeous cut crease look. It really defines your crease to make your eyes stand out a lot more.
  • Precision Round - I like using this to apply a colour onto my lids, it's also perfect when it comes to applying cream eye shadows.
  • Precision Flat Angled - I like using this as my blending brush because where the bristles are so soft and angled it does a perfect job at blending all my eye shadow colours together making everything less harsh. 
I am very happy with my quick and cheap purchase of these brushes. They look beautiful in my IKEA brush holder storage and I would defiantly like to buy some more and make my collection even bigger! The delivery process of these was very quick and easy, the item was dispatched the day after I purchased these and they then came 2 days later which was earlier than expected. I recommend everyone to check these out! 



The last thing I needed right now was yet another eye shadow palette, however I just couldn't help myself when I saw that this Makeup Revolution Palette was only £8! Who can complain when you get 32 different eye shadows for that price? Bargain. 

I'll start by saying how beautiful the packaging is. It's very simple due to the plain black case, yet it's very luxurious from the rose gold print writing on the front of the palette. For a 32 eye shadow palette the case is pretty compact therefore making this palette perfect for travelling. For a palette that costs just £8, the packaging is very secure meaning it shuts nicely and won't open suddenly. Inside each palette comes a film sheet with the names on each shade. 

I went for this palette because I prefer the more bronze/golden eye shadow look and I feel as if the shades in here are perfect for creating lots of different looks like that. The palette contains mostly shimmers and a few matte shades - of course some shades are a lot more pigmented than others. I actually find the shimmers to be more pigmented than the mattes however you can intensify each one of these shades by just wetting your make up brushes. 
The formula of these eye shadows is very creamy and blends out perfectly whether you're using a eye shadow primer or not. I can already tell that I'm going to love this palette for a very long time. I'm excited to try out some more of the Makeup Revolution palettes in the future. 



I'm always switching up products when it comes down to my eyebrows. I've used a variety of different shades and products on my brows but I've never really found a 'holy grail' brow product that I've loved. I've used a variety of eye shadows, brow pencils and brow gels - some of them being terrible and some of them being okay to use. I have heard a lot about Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade by reading reviews and watching brow tutorials. I decided to invest in a pot myself - I have been using this product for a few weeks now so I thought I'd share my thoughts on this product.

I bought this pot online at Cult Beauty for £15.00 which I thought was quite a good price for a product like this as you only need to use the smallest amount for one brow. I picked it up in the shade medium brown which is a perfect match to my natural brow colour, it's a highly pigmented colour so like I said, you need the smallest amount! I made the mistake of putting quite a lot on my brush when I first used this and my brows ended up looking 'drawn on' or 'fake' looking. I also like to use little stroking motions when filling my brows in because it creates the effect of hair strokes. 

The texture of this product is very creamy however it manages to stay put throughout the whole day, it's also waterproof! This product will literally not budge unless you take it off with some sort of makeup remover. I like to use a angled brush when applying this product because it's just the easiest to use. You can really play around with different brow shapes and create the perfect arch. The only thing that puts me off about this product is the fact that it dries out quite quickly. I've noticed it starting to get dry and bit of a pain to work with recently, however I simply just swirl the product on the palm of my hand to warm it up a bit and help it melt so that it's easier to work with. Just make sure you put the lid on really tight! Other than that, I recon this is by far my favourite brow product that I've ever tried and I recon I would purchase this one again.