Thursday, 16 July 2015

I wanted to do something a bit different on my blog this evening. It's a bit of a different post to what I would normally do however I feel as if this could help quite a few people as it certainly helps me whenever I have a bad case of 'writers block'. Believe it or not, sometimes one of the hardest parts of writing a blog is coming up with all the different blog post ideas to write about. When I first started this blog, I had so many ideas all at once however as time went on and as I started getting into writing more and more posts each week, I would very often just go blank and have no idea as to what I want to write about! I know that everyone can get like this at some point and I know just how frustrating it may be, therefore I have come up with 10 beauty related blog post ideas to either help you get started with your blog or for when you may have a case of the 'writers block'. 

Daily Makeup Routine
I personally love reading these sort of posts. Take a few pictures of all the different products you use on an everyday basis and just blog about your makeup routine! It's actually very interesting reading about what products others use on their face everyday. 

Products You've Used Up
It's a great idea to keep all of your unused empty products in a stash somewhere because it would make a great "Empties" blog post! Give us a insight of what each product was like and whether you would re-purchase it or not. 

Top 10 Lipsticks/Foundations/Blushers etc.
Most of my makeup purchases have been down to reading about peoples top 10 products such as lipsticks, blushers, foundations, eye shadows - you get what I mean. Let us know why you like them and why they're in your top 10. 

Review a Product
Probably one of the most common blog posts ever but we enjoy reading them. Get one of your recently purchased items or even the old items and review them. Tell us about how well they work for you, if you would re-purchase it, if you recommend it for everyone else and so on. You could review near enough anything!

Celebrity Inspired Makeup Tutorial
This is always a fun post to read. The site Pinterest is amazing for getting celebrity makeup ideas, simply find a look that you like, play around with your makeup and then write about how you created the look and what sort of products you used. 

Makeup Wishlists
This is a good post not only for other people to read but also it's like a personal thing that you can always go back and look on. A wishlist is basically a round up of makeup products that you 'wish' you had or that you're hoping to buy in the future.

Products You Regret Buying
It's similar to the 'products you've used up' post however this time you're telling us about the products that you really wish you hadn't bought because they're either awful or they just don't work for you personally. Us as bloggers like to know what sort of products we should spend our money on and what sort of products we should just hit and miss. 

Beauty DIY
You can watch so many DIY makeup videos if you're stuck with what to do. Play around with little bits and bobs that you have an make your own lipstick or lip balm. You could even do a homemade face mask or a homemade hair mask!

Makeup Collection
One of my most favourite posts to read is makeup collections. I love looking at how different everyone's collection is, and I also like looking at how they present and set up there makeup storage. Make sure to take lots of pictures and even go through what products you have and what brands you like the most.

Beauty Buys Under £10
Talk about some of your favourite beauty products that have costed under £10! We all love a bargain.

I really do hope this post has help some of you. If you'd like to share any blog post ideas yourself then feel free to leave a comment. 

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