Sunday, 12 July 2015

I'm always switching up products when it comes down to my eyebrows. I've used a variety of different shades and products on my brows but I've never really found a 'holy grail' brow product that I've loved. I've used a variety of eye shadows, brow pencils and brow gels - some of them being terrible and some of them being okay to use. I have heard a lot about Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade by reading reviews and watching brow tutorials. I decided to invest in a pot myself - I have been using this product for a few weeks now so I thought I'd share my thoughts on this product.

I bought this pot online at Cult Beauty for £15.00 which I thought was quite a good price for a product like this as you only need to use the smallest amount for one brow. I picked it up in the shade medium brown which is a perfect match to my natural brow colour, it's a highly pigmented colour so like I said, you need the smallest amount! I made the mistake of putting quite a lot on my brush when I first used this and my brows ended up looking 'drawn on' or 'fake' looking. I also like to use little stroking motions when filling my brows in because it creates the effect of hair strokes. 

The texture of this product is very creamy however it manages to stay put throughout the whole day, it's also waterproof! This product will literally not budge unless you take it off with some sort of makeup remover. I like to use a angled brush when applying this product because it's just the easiest to use. You can really play around with different brow shapes and create the perfect arch. The only thing that puts me off about this product is the fact that it dries out quite quickly. I've noticed it starting to get dry and bit of a pain to work with recently, however I simply just swirl the product on the palm of my hand to warm it up a bit and help it melt so that it's easier to work with. Just make sure you put the lid on really tight! Other than that, I recon this is by far my favourite brow product that I've ever tried and I recon I would purchase this one again.

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