Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I would like to start this post off by apologizing for the dirty looking brushes, I've been trying these out for a while to get a good review done on them and I must admit that they are definitely in need of a clean! I was wanting to expand on my makeup brush collection for a while as most of my makeup brushes are from real techniques and a few random brands. I wasn't really willing to spend a lot on just one brush to be honest, so I headed over to Ebay and had a look at some of the makeup brush sets. 

I found this 10 piece Kabuki Style Brush Set for just £4.49 with FREE postage. I was so excited and clicked the 'Buy it now' button within a few seconds. Of course, I was a bit skeptical about them being so cheap however when they arrived I was impressed with how sturdy and professional these looked. I tried them out the day after and I instantly fell in love with them. They all work just as good as any of the real technique brushes - they're so soft seeing as the hair is synthetic and although their not as dense as some other brushes, they still manage to work perfectly also none of these brushes have shed for me in slightest yet which is always a good sign. 

The brush set comes with 5 piece face brushes and 5 piece eye brushes. It includes:
  • Round Kabuki - I use this for my liquid foundations. It works very nicely and manages to buff the foundation into my skin for a flawless look.
  • Tapered Kabuki - Perfect to use when blending in concealer under the eye or even setting the concealer with powder. 
  • Flat Kabuki - This is a good dupe of Sigma's F80 brush. It's good for buffing in liquid or cream foundations.
  • Flat Angled Kabuki - Good for blending foundation in the harder areas of your face such as around the nose and mouth.
  • Angled Kabuki - I like using this to either contour my face or I also like using this to buff in cream blushers onto my cheeks. 
  • Precision Flat - Perfect for applying eye shadow primer to your lids to help eye shadow last all day long.
  • Precision Angled - I like using this to apply eye shadow in the V shape of my eyelids, it just makes things a bit more simple.
  • Precision Tapered - This brush is amazing for creating that gorgeous cut crease look. It really defines your crease to make your eyes stand out a lot more.
  • Precision Round - I like using this to apply a colour onto my lids, it's also perfect when it comes to applying cream eye shadows.
  • Precision Flat Angled - I like using this as my blending brush because where the bristles are so soft and angled it does a perfect job at blending all my eye shadow colours together making everything less harsh. 
I am very happy with my quick and cheap purchase of these brushes. They look beautiful in my IKEA brush holder storage and I would defiantly like to buy some more and make my collection even bigger! The delivery process of these was very quick and easy, the item was dispatched the day after I purchased these and they then came 2 days later which was earlier than expected. I recommend everyone to check these out! 

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