Monday, 21 December 2015

I used to think that Coconut Oil was used just for cooking purposes, however over the years I have found out many different ways to use Coconut Oil and how many great health benefits it actually has. I use the brand Vita Coco which is 100% raw, extra virgin oil. I buy this from my local Holland and Barrett store. The best thing about this product is that it's super affordable and it has absolutely no harsh chemicals inside because it's completely natural. These are just some of my favourite ways to use Coconut Oil. 

1. Hair Mask
My favourite way to use this oil is on my hair. There are so many hair masks on the market however I don't go for any of them because I have this amazing product to do all the work for me instead. Coconut Oil actually penetrates your hair shaft to moisturize, repair damaged hair and protect your hair from future heat damage, it's also good for getting rid of any dandruff. As the oil usually comes in a solid form, I just to warm it up by rubbing it in between my hands (never microwave it, as apparently it looses all the good nutrients) I then like to apply it to dry hair until my whole head of hair is covered. Then I usually wrap my hair up in either foil or clingfilm to keep all the heat in and I like to leave it on there for about an hour before washing it out. 

2. Makeup Remover
Sometimes taking my makeup off at the end of the day feels like such a chore. This little gem makes makeup removing a whole lot easier than using makeup wipes. Take a scoop of this oil, rub it between your fingers and then massage this into your face. It'll act as a cleanser and the oil will help to break down any makeup on your skin. Just make sure to rinse your face off with warm water afterwards. 

3. Lip Scrub
As we're now in the colder months, my lips tend to get dry very often. If you don't already own a lip scrub then simply mix some of the Coconut Oil with a bit of sugar and scrub your lips with it to take away any dead skin flakes. Rinse off with warm water and apply a lip balm then you're free of any dry lips. 

4. Shaving Cream
This is a technique that I've only just discovered. I normally use conditioner to shave my legs with however Coconut Oil is incredible when it comes down to leg shaving. It does an amazing job in moisturizing your legs whilst shaving that sometimes I don't even need to use a moisturizer afterwards.

5. Body Lotion
It acts as a fantastic moisturizer for your skin. I like to use a tiny bit of this all over my body just after I get out of the shower. I don't like to use a lot as it is very greasy, so only use a tiny size amount. It really helps to hydrate any dry patches of skin that you may have. 
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