Friday, 4 December 2015

Swatches from right to left are: Bon Bon - Coconut Creme - Butter Pecan - Pink Sugar - Nougat - Mousse - Peanut Butter - Puddin' - Truffled - Frosting - Cocoa Chili - Caramel - Rum Raisin - Hot Fudge - Blueberry Swirl and Licorice 

I was super excited when I got this package through the post as I have been wanting this palette for a very long time. This Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette is essentially the sequel to the first Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which I don't actually have, however some people are claiming that the semi-sweet palette contains more warmer toned shades compared to the first palette which contained a variety of cooler toned shades. 

This palette contains 7 matte shades and 9 shimmery shades making that a total of 16 shades altogether which is awesome. The palette retails for £45 and you can find it in your local Debenhams stores or online at a variety of beauty websites. Each shade in this palette is perfect for re-creating tons of different looks whether it's a day time or night time look. There's a mixture of dark browns as well as light browns and also some natural bone shades. 

First Row contains:
  • Licorice - A usual matte black
  • Coconut Creme - A matte cream bone shade. Works really well as a base colour or as a matte brow bone highlight
  • Nougat - A matte pinky nude shade. Works well through the crease for a pretty daytime look
  • Truffled - A matte chocolate brown
  • Hot Fudge - A dark brown with a hint of plum undertone to it. Also has tiny specks of shimmer running through it
Second Row contains:
  • Cocoa Chili - A slightly warm milk chocolate brown with shimmer
  • Pink Sugar - A gorgeous baby pink shade that is probably more of a glitter pigment as it has very chunky specks of glitter through out therefore it's perfect over the top of other shades or to use as a highlight
  • Puddin' - A matte cooled toned brown, more on the taupe side
  • Blueberry Swirl - A shimmery blue shade that has a hint of purple to it
  • Peanut Butter - A very warm toned orange brown shade, perfect as a transition shade
  • Frosting - A bronze shimmer
Third Row contains:
  • Rum Raisin - A shimmery taupe shade
  • Mousse - A neutral brown shade, a good crease colour 
  • Caramel - A coppery gold shade with specks of glitter
  • Bon Bon - Shimmery coral shade, a bit like caramel with more pink
  • Butter Pecan - Champagne shimmery shade, again another perfect highlighter shade
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