Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's that time of year again where all I want to do is snuggle up in my bed with a cup of hot chocolate, a festive jumper and watch Christmas movies. This helps me get into the festive mood and also gets me super excited for Christmas. I've managed to round up my top 10 favourite Christmas movies that I love to watch throughout December.

  • Elf - I'm sure near enough everyone has seen this film. It's definitely my favourite out of these 10 movies. Will Ferrell plays an amazing character and his acting is spot on. The film is set in New York City therefore plays a massive part in all the decorations and pretty Christmas lights which are shown throughout the film. It just makes me want to spend a Christmas in New York and I want Buddy the Elf as my friend. 
  • The Grinch - I remember watching this film all the time when I was younger and I recently re-watched it and realized how much I loved it! The set is amazing and the 'Whoville' village is just so christmassy and cute. Jim Carrey is an awesome actor and he suits the role very well. 
  • Love Actually - Again, another classic Christmas movie that I can watch over and over again. There are tons of great actors and actresses in this movie. It follows the lives of various couples and their partners throughout the Christmas season. 
  • Home Alone - A great film set around the Christmas period when Kevin's parents accidentally leave him at home whilst they go away for a trip, he has to fend for himself when he discovers that two con men are planning on breaking in and robbing the house. It's a really funny, family orientated film. 
  • Christmas with the Kranks - This is another film that I ended up re-watching recently and realizing how much I liked it. I first watched this a few years ago and I loved the story line of it. It's about a couple that decided they wanted to take a trip to the Caribbean for Christmas however their neighbors are determined to win a 'best decorated street' competition and the Kranks find themselves to be social outcast due to the lack of Christmas Spirit. 
  • A Christmas Carol - Back when I was in school before we broke up for the Christmas holidays, we would always watch this as one of the Christmas movies in class. Scrooge who is played by Jim Carrey encounters three ghosts who take him through his past, present and future in hope of transforming his horrible ways.
  • The Holiday - This is such a cute, romantic Christmas film which follows the lives of two ladies who decide to swap at Christmas time after a breakup with their boyfriends. They both find new romances however a lot happens along the way.
  • The Santa Clause - Tim Allen plays a father who is taken to the north pole and is told that he must take Santa's place before the next Christmas arrives. He ends up gaining weight and growing a white beard which takes to him as a complete shock. It's a very funny film and perfect for the family.
  • Bad Santa - Not a film that everyone would choose however I personally really like this film. It's more of a dark Christmas film and it's not for everyone as it's quite rude haha. But I'd say its a must watch if you're into comedy films. 
  • Jack Frost (1998 film) - This movie never fails to make me cry. It's basically about a dad who ends up in a car accident and passing away, he never really made any time for his wife and son however he magically comes back to life but as a snowman on the front of their garden and hopes to make amends.
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