I'm going to be starting a new 'series' or however you'd like to call it of my makeup stash. I was inspired by KathleenLights to do this as I love watching her videos on her makeup stash and I liked the idea of doing the same but in blog form. I'm going to be writing a variety of blog posts where I will be showing you my makeup collection but in little sections, if that makes any sense. Today's makeup stash blog post is all about my eyeshadow palette collection. I definitely don't have that many palettes compared to when I see other bloggers and youtubers collections however eyeshadow palettes are my favourite to collect (other than lipsticks) because there's such a variety of them and near enough every makeup brand has some sort of eyeshadow palette or quad. I will definitely continue to expand my eyeshadow palette collection in the near future. 

Seventeen Smokey Eye // I got this palette as a gift for my birthday two years ago. It's a small Seventeen palette which consists of 6 pretty eyeshadows. I don't reach for this palette too often only because I find that the colour aren't very pigmented as I'd like them to be, you really have to keep building them up to get the achieved colour. I like using the bone coloured eyeshadow as a base to set my Soft Ochre paint pot as the texture is very buttery and blends out perfectly on my lid.

L'Oreal Color Riche Nude Palette // I adore this palette. It's small yet sturdy which makes it perfect for travelling with and I also love the range of warm toned colours included in here. You have some good matte shades as well as some shimmers. My favourite is the third one in on the right which is a gorgeous copper shade and is perfect for all over the lid as a beautiful warm bronzed look. Some of these shadows are more pigmented than other however are all easily buildable. 

Smashbox Shape Matters Palette // Now this is actually a 3 in 1 palette as it includes brows, faces and eyes. I still consider this under an eyeshadow palette as it does give you 9 gorgeous eyeshadows perfect for a day time look or a smokey evening look. Each eyeshadow is very buttery and glides onto the lids beautifully. They're all very pigmented however I do like to use some Mac Fix+ on the shimmer shades just to give it a bit more definition to the pigment. 

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless // This was my first ever makeup revolution palette and as you can tell I've had quite a bit of use out of this one. I'm more of a warm toned lover therefore I like to steer towards to browns, gold and bronzed colours because that's what I like the most. This palette is perfect for those who also love a bit of bronze and copper shades in their makeup collection. The colours are easily bendable and let's just take a moment to appreciate how you get 32 shadows in this! You can create so many different looks.  

Makeup Revolution Salvation Girls on Film Palette // Another makeup revolution palette that includes a variety of bronzed colours yet some purples and blues. These apply exactly the same as the other shadows are all have a very similar texture to them. The price of these makeup revolution palettes are extremely affordable therefore if you're looking to buy on a budget defiantly check this brand out. 

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette // I feel like quite a lot of people have at least one of the Naked palettes in there collection as they are just so beautiful. Naked 2 is the only one I have out of the collection as again, I love the bronze shades however I am looking into getting the Naked 3 for a while now as I don't really have a pinky/golden palette. You really do get what you pay for with this palette as each eyeshadow is very good quality, the pigmentation is incredible and the longevity of the shades are insane. 

NEXT Cashmere Palette // I really should of given this palette a bit of a clean up before I took the picture but oh well, excuse the dirtiness. As you can probably tell, I like using this palette a lot. This was in fact my first ever eyeshadow palette I purchased and I used the crap out of it. It's so affordable yet the quality is amazing and the texture of the shadows are so creamy that they blend out really nicely on the lids. 

Z Palette with Makeup Geek Eyeshadows // My newest edition to my eyeshadow palette collection. I'm not going to go into this too much because I did a whole review on it here. I have used this palette near enough every day since I first completed it and I love the range of colours I managed to choose. It consists of 6 matte shadows and then 3 foiled eyeshadows which are my favourite. Makeup Geek simply do the best formula of eyeshadows ever so I really recommend checking them out if you haven't already.

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette // First off, this palette literally smells of chocolate which is always a bonus. I believe this is the second edition to the Chocolate Bar palettes from Too Faced, I wasn't very keen on the first one as I like more of the warm coloured shades in this one and I was so glad that I went for the second palette instead. The eyeshadow pigmentation is very good and I feel like these eyeshadows last on my lids throughout the whole day. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette // When I first got this palette, I was using it every day however I don't reach for it very often recently yet whenever I do, I always seem to use the same two colours. Pink Champagne and Sherbet. Pink Champagne is literally my favourite colour ever and I use it all the time whenever I want a sparkle on my lids which is pretty much everyday. This palette has a good variety of colours and it's very versatile. You can create a lot of different and unique looks with this palette.

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette // This palette is along the lines of a rose gold theme. Most of the colours are shimmers and very pretty. Copper is King has to be my favourite shade out of the palette as it's so bronzy and glittery. This is a good palette to use around the Valentine's Day season as it includes really pretty shimmers and more of a natural look. 

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette you own?


I was very excited when I went to pick this product up from my local Debenhams store as I've been seeing it used in a lot of makeup tutorials and I've been wanting it each time. In some reviews that I've read, people seem to either love or hate this but for me, it's a staple to my makeup collection and I've been using it pretty much everyday since I bought it. 

The full name for this product is a mouthful: Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel Embellisseur Effet Hale Bronzing Makeup Base. Basically, it's a cream bronzer. This product works well in so many ways, it could be used alone, under makeup or over makeup for that bronzed skin effect. I seem to head towards cream products more often mainly because I love cream contouring rather than powder contouring as I tend to get really dry skin therefore creams always work that little bit better on me. 

The creamy mousse like texture of this product makes it easy to glide onto the skin smoothly and it blends out perfectly using either your fingers or a brush. It does contain silicone's however there's no greasy feeling and it doesn't feel too drying either, I feel like Chanel got the formula spot on. The shade is a perfect match for my skin and it's more on the warmer side which I love. 

The cream is very buildable, it can be used as a sheer hint of colour or it can be built up for that strong contoured look. I like going in with a flat brush to carve out my cheek bones, jawline, forehead and nose then I simply like to use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (my favourite brush to blend out cream contours with) and I simply buff away any harsh lines leaving the contour looking very airbrushed and flawless. 

£32 for this product does seem like a lot of money which is why I was put off from buying it for a few months at first but apparently from what I've read and heard, this product does go a long way and it lasts for ages, therefore you do get your money's worth. I understand how sometimes most cream products tend to dry out however Chanel provides a plastic stopper which helps to prevent any air from getting inside once you've screwed the lid on so hopefully it stays nice and creamy for a long time. 

What's your favourite cream bronzer?


I've heard a lot of hype over the past year on the makeup geek eye shadows yet I've never actually seemed to buy any for myself to try out. After watching way too many of Nikkie Tutorials videos and seeing how much she loves them, I figured it was time to get on the makeup geek bandwagon myself! I finally have collected enough makeup geek eye shadows to fill my palette and I'm so excited that I now have my own little personalized palette. Every item shown was purchased online at beautybay.com which is where I like to buy most of my beauty products as there website is so easy to navigate around and it also includes a bunch of fantastic beauty brands.

I started off by purchasing a Z Palette which is basically a customisable palette which is created to hold loose pan eye shadows or blushes. I purchased the small black palette which cost me £8.95 and it holds up to 9 standard sized eye shadows. I believe the Z Palettes also come in medium, large and extra large. They even have a dome shaped palette which has a extra deep base. I went for the small palette mainly because it was a perfect size to travel with, it fits in my handbag easily therefore I can take it with me whenever I go in case I want to touch up on my makeup at some points.

Onto the makeup geek eye shadows, I went and purchased 9 eye shadows altogether to fill up my palette. I normally go for the browns, burgundy and bronze colours when it comes to shadows as I feel that's what I'm used to and what suits me best. Swatches from left to right are: 

Vanilla Bean - A bone coloured shade, matte with a slight shimmer. Good as a base colour or brow bone highlight.
Peach Smoothie - A matte coral, peach shade. Good for a light transition colour.
Chickadee - A matte peach, more on the yellow side shade. Also good for a transition colour.
Creme Brulee - A matte muted brown. Good transition shade or crease colour.
Latte - A matte cool toned brown. Good for smoking out the lower lash line.
Bitten - A matte deep plum shade. Good for the outer corner of the eye to smoke a look out.
In the Spotlight - A peach, pink coloured foiled eyeshadow. Perfect for on the lid and as a highlight.
Grandstand - A bronze foiled eyeshadow. Yet another good on the lid shade and also looks amazing on the lower lash line.
Flame Thrower - A dark copper foiled eyeshadow. Used on the lid or through the crease.

As you can see, I have 6 of the original makeup geek eye shadows and then I have 3 of the foiled eye shadows which I have simply just fallen in love with. I can now understand why everyone is going crazy about these shadows and it's because they are simply incredible. The original eye shadows costs £4.95 each whilst the foiled eye shadows cost £7.95 each which I personally think is a extremely affordable price for good quality shadows. The pigmentation is crazy good and they all blend out like a dream, they are all so creamy and not at all chalky. I feel like I can create so many different looks with these eye shadows and I love playing around with them all, I haven't stopped using these shadows since I first got them and I definitely want to expand on my collection a bit more in the future and hopefully fill up another palette. I also would like to try out there blushes as I've heard that they are also incredible. 

Have you tried any Makeup Geek Eye shadows? 


One of my blog goals for this year was to get more organised within myself and to also blog consistently. Last year, I didn't feel that inspired to blog which was a shame considering how much I love blogging, however this year I feel very motivated to blog more and to just mainly focus more on my blog content. I was recently reading a 'what I got for Christmas' post on Couture Girl blog and she quickly mentioned this book. I thought that it was definitely something I needed in my life if I wanted to focus more on blogging, and how I thought it would be a good way of keeping me inspired and motivated. 

This book contains over 60 worksheets that you can fill in about your blog. It covers all different topics such as: blog content, social media, blog pages, email newsletters, branding & design, goal setting, budgeting and so much more. It starts off with the basics and asks you to write down the reason as to why you blog, who your ideal reader is, how you want to help them and how you want them to see your blog as. This book also covers your blog stats which is where you can fill in your monthly page views, twitter followers, Instagram followers and so on. It's a really great way of being able to fill each box out and then look back on it to see how much progress you've actually made throughout the year. 

I think my favourite pages are definitely the branding & design pages where it talks about how your design is likely the first introduction readers have to you and your style. Then it has a variety of more worksheets to fill in and it also has a section of branding & design tips which are really handy. I love how throughout this book, there's some random colorful pages that include inspirational quotes written on them, it keeps your mind motivated when reading them. 

Overall, whether you're just starting out in blogging or even if you've been doing it for years, I feel like this is every bloggers must have book! If you're looking to get more organised and consistent with your blog just like myself, then this is the perfect way of being able to plan and set goals for your blog weeks in advance. 


I do a lot of reviews on here and I talk about all the products that I love, yet I think it's so important to mention the products that I don't like too much. Maybe whether I can help people out and save them some money on stuff. Whilst writing this post, I'd like to mention that these products are all personal preference and they are all products that didn't work very well on myself. Doesn't mean that you won't like them either! 

1. Seventeen Stay Time Primer // I bought this primer as a quick pick up when I ran out of my L'Oreal one and I just needed something cheap and easy to use. I did not like this primer in the slightest. I think the consistency of this product is what put me off the most - it felt extremely thick and tacky that it reminded me of glue! On the back of the tube, it says that this primer is meant to work like glue to keep your makeup on all night and I completely agree yet disagree at the same time, it feels like a glue and it definitely helps to make your makeup stick to your skin however throughout the day, I noticed my skin was flaky and started to peel off which has never happened before! This product didn't float my boat for me.

2. Rimmel Scandaleyes Extreme Mascara // I normally like Rimmel mascaras, but I think this one is a no go for me. I like mascara wands that have the plastic bristles which is what this product has, however I feel as if this mascara is way too thin and watery therefore when I'm applying this to my eyelashes, it doesn't actually do anything to them. I don't see any curl or volume whilst using this, and also my eyelashes constantly feel wet or tacky when wearing this mascara, as I don't think it dries properly either. Another problem is that the mascara ends up smudging all underneath my eyes, which none of my mascaras usually do. I've used this twice, realised how much I didn't like it and I've never used it since. Feel like it was a complete waste of my money. 

3. Stila Jewel Eyeshadow in Blue Sapphire // When I first saw this eyeshadow, I completely fell in love with the shade. It's just beautiful. I tried it out immediately the next day. In the packaging, it looks like a sparkly, foiled eyeshadow however on my eyes it's completely different. It's not very pigmented at all, and it hardly shows off any of it's sparkle. I've tried mixing this with Fix+ to see if that would make any different, and I admit - It does make the blue stand out more however still no sparkle. It also doesn't tend to stay on my lids very well even if I use a primer, half way through the day it looks very uneven, smudged and patchy. 

4. Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream // I actually did a blog post about this product ages ago, I had mixed reviews on it however I did really like how this cream reduced the redness on my skin. Everything was going so well, and I used this product near enough every night until one day I found out that I was actually allergic to Nivea products! I broke out into a disgusting, lumpy, red rash all over my face and neck. The doctor informed me to stay away from any Nivea products ever since. That's mainly the reason as to why I regret buying this product, but I also didn't like how thick the consistency was therefore it took forever to sink into my skin. 

Do you regret buying any products and what are they?


I just cannot believe it's been nearly 2 years since I first started blogging. Where has the time gone? Towards the end of 2015, I didn't seem to blog very much because I just didn't feel inspired to do so. I want to make 2016 the year that I get back into blogging properly and I feel like setting a few blog goals for this year will help me to stay connected and keep on track with things a bit better. 

I've never been a huge fan of my photo content. I admit that I have improved a lot since I first started but I feel as if I want to improve just that little bit more. My photo's always tend to have a plain, boring, white background that even though it makes the actual product itself stand out, I just feel as if it's a bit bland. I'd like to invest in some pretty wallpapers or tiles to make my backgrounds prettier. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm a bit all over the place with my blog posts as they are never consistent. I always tend to post whenever I have the time to or whenever I just feel like randomly posting something, yet I've never set myself certain days to write posts. My aim is to hopefully post 2-3 times a week however I find that hard to do sometimes because of my full time job. I want to be able to say that I'm going to post on these days but it's difficult because with my job, my shift days change each week! I think I'm going to start having to write blog posts in advance and then just simply upload them quickly on my chosen dates. 

After nearly 2 years of blogging, I've only just recently made myself a Twitter account specifically for my blog. I just come to terms with how much fun it is getting to know everyone that's in the same position as me. I never realized how much social media is actually a big part of this community and it's also the main platform on how to get involved and meet new bloggers. This year, I really want to get involved more and talk to more people that are in the blogging community. 

Most of my content is beauty related which don't get me wrong, I love writing about however I also love to write about my daily life and what I did over the weekend sort of thing. I'm going to try and take more pictures of when I'm on outings or doing something exciting so that I can then blog about it afterwards. It'll be great to look back on what I've done throughout the year. 

I say this to myself time and time again but I really do need to sort my priorities out and get organised with my blog. I've actually taken my first step in doing this by purchasing The Badass Blog Planner on Amazon, which should be arriving in my post very soon. Hopefully, I'll be able to fill that in and I'm hoping it'll help me to be more up to date with everything.

What are your blog goals for 2016?


Fleur is a Youtuber that I have been watching for a few years therefore my inner beauty addict was screaming when I found out that she was releasing a book. This book has been out for a few months now however I never got my hands on it until now. Over the past week or so, I have been reading through the book and I realized how much it reminds me on Tanya Burr's book however this one seems to be a bit more in depth. 

I'll start off by saying how much I love the photos and illustrations in this book, it's very visually beautiful. If you haven't read this book yet, then I'll try not to spoil anything for you but I'm going to talk about the basics. The book is split up into 10 chapters: Introduction, Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Travel, Health & Fitness, Life Love Dreams and Everything in between, YouTube & Blogging, A note to my Subscribers and Acknowledgements. Each chapter contains a lot of content and is really in depth which is what I love about this book. 

The beauty section talks about the colour wheel, makeup brushes, how to choose a foundation colour and it also has a in depth tutorial on how to do a smokey eye. Then it moves onto skincare and provides us with a few DIY Face Masks and talks about the basics of skincare. The hair section includes a few hairstyles for an everyday basis and also contains DIY Hair Masks. Fleur talks about basic wardrobe essentials in the fashion chapter of the book. It then moves into my favourite chapter which is all about travelling, she gives us tips on how to pack like a pro as well as how to beat jet lag. Health & Fitness chapter gives us good smoothie recipes to try out and also some healthy breakfast ideas, she also talks about the benefits of certain foods. Life Love Dreams and Everything in between talks about body image and self confidence, she gives us an insight into how to stay positive and we also get a few tips on making relationships last. When it comes down to YouTube & Blogging, Fleur talks about the basic equipment you need to get started and also gives us some tips on how to stay inspired throughout. 

I really did enjoy this book. If you're a beauty addict like myself then I think it's great to have just to pick up every now and then when you want some inspiration. 


Swatches from left to right: Pink Champagne, Metallic Plum, Self Made, Witchy, Blush, Blossom, Buttery, Deep Purple, Treasure, Hot & Cold, Sherbert, Isla, Spirit Rock and Hot Chocolate.

I have been after this palette for a very long time as each time I've tried to purchase it, it's always been sold out. My boyfriend managed to get it for me as one of my Christmas presents this year which I was super excited about. It's very different to any other eye shadow palettes that I own because each of the shades are very unique yet so beautiful. 

The palette contains 14 eye shadows, most of them are shimmers and from what I see only 2 of these shades are completely matte. Some shades have more shimmer in them than others. I've had some time to play around with the shades and the formula of these shadows and I can already tell you that they blend out like a dream. They are all so buttery and smooth that it makes blending a whole lot easier, even on the darkest of colours. The palette retails for £26 on most UK beauty brand online stores which I think is a reasonable price for the amount of shadows you get and for the amazing quality. The palette comes with a two sided brush which I use quite a lot and I surprisingly really like using it. I love this palette and I think it's also really handy to travel with because the packaging it not too big and bulky. 

Top Row Contains - 
Pink Champagne: A gorgeous rose gold with lots of sparkle. I used this on my lids on Christmas day!
Metallic Plum: Shimmery dark plum shade.
Self Made: A satin finish bronze shade.
Witchy: A cool toned grey with shimmer.
Blush: A duochrome silver shade.
Blossom: Shimmery lilac pink.
Buttery: Matte beige colour. Perfect for a base.

Bottom Row Contains - 
Deep Purple: Shimmery deep purple.
Treasure: A light champagne/silver shade with lots of sparkle. 
Hot & Cold: A peach brown with shimmer.
Isla: A very light green with a duochrome gold finish.
Spirit Rock: Typical black but with a sparkly finish.
Hot Chocolate: Ultra matte, deep brown shade. Perfect for the crease.