Friday, 1 January 2016

Swatches from left to right: Pink Champagne, Metallic Plum, Self Made, Witchy, Blush, Blossom, Buttery, Deep Purple, Treasure, Hot & Cold, Sherbert, Isla, Spirit Rock and Hot Chocolate.

I have been after this palette for a very long time as each time I've tried to purchase it, it's always been sold out. My boyfriend managed to get it for me as one of my Christmas presents this year which I was super excited about. It's very different to any other eye shadow palettes that I own because each of the shades are very unique yet so beautiful. 

The palette contains 14 eye shadows, most of them are shimmers and from what I see only 2 of these shades are completely matte. Some shades have more shimmer in them than others. I've had some time to play around with the shades and the formula of these shadows and I can already tell you that they blend out like a dream. They are all so buttery and smooth that it makes blending a whole lot easier, even on the darkest of colours. The palette retails for £26 on most UK beauty brand online stores which I think is a reasonable price for the amount of shadows you get and for the amazing quality. The palette comes with a two sided brush which I use quite a lot and I surprisingly really like using it. I love this palette and I think it's also really handy to travel with because the packaging it not too big and bulky. 

Top Row Contains - 
Pink Champagne: A gorgeous rose gold with lots of sparkle. I used this on my lids on Christmas day!
Metallic Plum: Shimmery dark plum shade.
Self Made: A satin finish bronze shade.
Witchy: A cool toned grey with shimmer.
Blush: A duochrome silver shade.
Blossom: Shimmery lilac pink.
Buttery: Matte beige colour. Perfect for a base.

Bottom Row Contains - 
Deep Purple: Shimmery deep purple.
Treasure: A light champagne/silver shade with lots of sparkle. 
Hot & Cold: A peach brown with shimmer.
Isla: A very light green with a duochrome gold finish.
Spirit Rock: Typical black but with a sparkly finish.
Hot Chocolate: Ultra matte, deep brown shade. Perfect for the crease. 

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