Monday, 11 January 2016

I've heard a lot of hype over the past year on the makeup geek eye shadows yet I've never actually seemed to buy any for myself to try out. After watching way too many of Nikkie Tutorials videos and seeing how much she loves them, I figured it was time to get on the makeup geek bandwagon myself! I finally have collected enough makeup geek eye shadows to fill my palette and I'm so excited that I now have my own little personalized palette. Every item shown was purchased online at which is where I like to buy most of my beauty products as there website is so easy to navigate around and it also includes a bunch of fantastic beauty brands.

I started off by purchasing a Z Palette which is basically a customisable palette which is created to hold loose pan eye shadows or blushes. I purchased the small black palette which cost me £8.95 and it holds up to 9 standard sized eye shadows. I believe the Z Palettes also come in medium, large and extra large. They even have a dome shaped palette which has a extra deep base. I went for the small palette mainly because it was a perfect size to travel with, it fits in my handbag easily therefore I can take it with me whenever I go in case I want to touch up on my makeup at some points.

Onto the makeup geek eye shadows, I went and purchased 9 eye shadows altogether to fill up my palette. I normally go for the browns, burgundy and bronze colours when it comes to shadows as I feel that's what I'm used to and what suits me best. Swatches from left to right are: 

Vanilla Bean - A bone coloured shade, matte with a slight shimmer. Good as a base colour or brow bone highlight.
Peach Smoothie - A matte coral, peach shade. Good for a light transition colour.
Chickadee - A matte peach, more on the yellow side shade. Also good for a transition colour.
Creme Brulee - A matte muted brown. Good transition shade or crease colour.
Latte - A matte cool toned brown. Good for smoking out the lower lash line.
Bitten - A matte deep plum shade. Good for the outer corner of the eye to smoke a look out.
In the Spotlight - A peach, pink coloured foiled eyeshadow. Perfect for on the lid and as a highlight.
Grandstand - A bronze foiled eyeshadow. Yet another good on the lid shade and also looks amazing on the lower lash line.
Flame Thrower - A dark copper foiled eyeshadow. Used on the lid or through the crease.

As you can see, I have 6 of the original makeup geek eye shadows and then I have 3 of the foiled eye shadows which I have simply just fallen in love with. I can now understand why everyone is going crazy about these shadows and it's because they are simply incredible. The original eye shadows costs £4.95 each whilst the foiled eye shadows cost £7.95 each which I personally think is a extremely affordable price for good quality shadows. The pigmentation is crazy good and they all blend out like a dream, they are all so creamy and not at all chalky. I feel like I can create so many different looks with these eye shadows and I love playing around with them all, I haven't stopped using these shadows since I first got them and I definitely want to expand on my collection a bit more in the future and hopefully fill up another palette. I also would like to try out there blushes as I've heard that they are also incredible. 

Have you tried any Makeup Geek Eye shadows? 
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