Tuesday, 5 January 2016

I do a lot of reviews on here and I talk about all the products that I love, yet I think it's so important to mention the products that I don't like too much. Maybe whether I can help people out and save them some money on stuff. Whilst writing this post, I'd like to mention that these products are all personal preference and they are all products that didn't work very well on myself. Doesn't mean that you won't like them either! 

1. Seventeen Stay Time Primer // I bought this primer as a quick pick up when I ran out of my L'Oreal one and I just needed something cheap and easy to use. I did not like this primer in the slightest. I think the consistency of this product is what put me off the most - it felt extremely thick and tacky that it reminded me of glue! On the back of the tube, it says that this primer is meant to work like glue to keep your makeup on all night and I completely agree yet disagree at the same time, it feels like a glue and it definitely helps to make your makeup stick to your skin however throughout the day, I noticed my skin was flaky and started to peel off which has never happened before! This product didn't float my boat for me.

2. Rimmel Scandaleyes Extreme Mascara // I normally like Rimmel mascaras, but I think this one is a no go for me. I like mascara wands that have the plastic bristles which is what this product has, however I feel as if this mascara is way too thin and watery therefore when I'm applying this to my eyelashes, it doesn't actually do anything to them. I don't see any curl or volume whilst using this, and also my eyelashes constantly feel wet or tacky when wearing this mascara, as I don't think it dries properly either. Another problem is that the mascara ends up smudging all underneath my eyes, which none of my mascaras usually do. I've used this twice, realised how much I didn't like it and I've never used it since. Feel like it was a complete waste of my money. 

3. Stila Jewel Eyeshadow in Blue Sapphire // When I first saw this eyeshadow, I completely fell in love with the shade. It's just beautiful. I tried it out immediately the next day. In the packaging, it looks like a sparkly, foiled eyeshadow however on my eyes it's completely different. It's not very pigmented at all, and it hardly shows off any of it's sparkle. I've tried mixing this with Fix+ to see if that would make any different, and I admit - It does make the blue stand out more however still no sparkle. It also doesn't tend to stay on my lids very well even if I use a primer, half way through the day it looks very uneven, smudged and patchy. 

4. Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream // I actually did a blog post about this product ages ago, I had mixed reviews on it however I did really like how this cream reduced the redness on my skin. Everything was going so well, and I used this product near enough every night until one day I found out that I was actually allergic to Nivea products! I broke out into a disgusting, lumpy, red rash all over my face and neck. The doctor informed me to stay away from any Nivea products ever since. That's mainly the reason as to why I regret buying this product, but I also didn't like how thick the consistency was therefore it took forever to sink into my skin. 

Do you regret buying any products and what are they?
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