Wednesday, 6 January 2016

One of my blog goals for this year was to get more organised within myself and to also blog consistently. Last year, I didn't feel that inspired to blog which was a shame considering how much I love blogging, however this year I feel very motivated to blog more and to just mainly focus more on my blog content. I was recently reading a 'what I got for Christmas' post on Couture Girl blog and she quickly mentioned this book. I thought that it was definitely something I needed in my life if I wanted to focus more on blogging, and how I thought it would be a good way of keeping me inspired and motivated. 

This book contains over 60 worksheets that you can fill in about your blog. It covers all different topics such as: blog content, social media, blog pages, email newsletters, branding & design, goal setting, budgeting and so much more. It starts off with the basics and asks you to write down the reason as to why you blog, who your ideal reader is, how you want to help them and how you want them to see your blog as. This book also covers your blog stats which is where you can fill in your monthly page views, twitter followers, Instagram followers and so on. It's a really great way of being able to fill each box out and then look back on it to see how much progress you've actually made throughout the year. 

I think my favourite pages are definitely the branding & design pages where it talks about how your design is likely the first introduction readers have to you and your style. Then it has a variety of more worksheets to fill in and it also has a section of branding & design tips which are really handy. I love how throughout this book, there's some random colorful pages that include inspirational quotes written on them, it keeps your mind motivated when reading them. 

Overall, whether you're just starting out in blogging or even if you've been doing it for years, I feel like this is every bloggers must have book! If you're looking to get more organised and consistent with your blog just like myself, then this is the perfect way of being able to plan and set goals for your blog weeks in advance. 
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