When it comes to lipsticks, I'm defiantly prefer buying more high end lipsticks such as MAC due to their amazing quality and luxurious packaging. I do still have my fair share of drugstore lipsticks though as you can never have too many lipsticks right? I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite drugstore lipsticks, these are the ones that I tend to lean towards more than others. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection in 48 
This is from Kate Moss's fairly new Rimmel Lipstick collection. It's part of the nude range which I adore. I believe the collection contains 5 shades and the one I have here is the darkest one of the range. It's the exact same formula as the original Kate Moss lipsticks, therefore very moisturising on the lips and very pigmented. The shade reminds me a bit of Stone from MAC but with a hint of mauve. 

Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 
I've seen so many bloggers hype over this product and it's completely worth it. Retailing for just £2.99 in Boots, it's a complete bargain! It's a lip cream which sets to a matte finish on the lips. The shade is a very pretty nude pink and I feel like this would suit a lot of people. The formula of this product is smooth and creamy, it glides onto the lips wonderfully. The only con I have about this product is the fact that after wearing it for an hour or so, it completely dries out your lips because of how matte it is. You can easily fix that by applying some lip balm over the top though. 

Bourjois Colour Boost in Plum Russian 
My favourite drugstore lipstick to wear in the autumn months. It's a gorgeous deep plum shade and looks amazing with either a smokey eye or a simple eye look. It has a very glossy finish and it claims to be waterproof however I'm not so convinced. It's comfortable to wear seeing as it's moisturising on the lips - I do feel like I have to keep applying this product after a few hours but I don't mind that as it's such a pretty colour. 

Avon Lipstick in Red 
My friend kindly bought this for me for Christmas and it's without any doubt, the best drugstore red lipstick I own. I have the Rimmel Kate Moss red lipsticks however I feel like the formula of this Avon one is much more comfortable to wear. It's a true red shade and looks very pretty in the winter months.

Rimmel Provocalips in 730 Make Your Move 
If you're looking for a long lasting lip colour then look no further than this product. It's essentially a liquid lipstick that completely dries and locks the colour onto your lips. One side of the tube has the liquid lipstick shade, then once you've applied that and let it dry completely, turn to the other side where you have the 'lock and shine' part. This allows the moisture back into your lips and helps to lock the colour in. It's very long lasting and the colour range is gorgeous. 

What are your favourite drugstore lipsticks?


I started this blog back in 2014 and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love and still do love reading other beauty bloggers and I've always wanted to start up a blog for myself. I adore everything makeup and beauty related that I just wanted somewhere I can sit down and write about my new items I bought and what I liked about them. I'm the sort of person who gets bored very easily when it comes down to 'hobbies' - I'd do something for a few days and then I'll get bored of it and never go back to it again, however blogging was a different situation for me as I enjoy it so much. There are some days where I do feel uninspired to blog which I'm sure every blogger has at some point in their life, however once I'm back into the swing of things I realized how much fun blogging actually is. It's a great way of expressing your creativity and showing your personality. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started blogging as it was completely new to me and it took a while for me to adjust to the whole platform of it all. I thought I'd put together a post of ideas and tips on how to get started with a beauty blog (I wish I knew these when I first started). 

The first thing you need to think about is what platform you want to use for your blog. The two main ones are Blogger (what I use) or WordPress. Blogger is much more simpler, therefore perfect for beginners and WordPress is a lot more professional. I still am and always will be with Blogger, mainly because I find it a lot easier to use and I can customise it to whatever I want. Your URL will either consist of "blogspot" or "wordpress" in them so if you're looking for your own personalised domain name then there's so many websites where you can purchase one from. 

The amount of times I've played around with the design and layout of my blog is crazy ridiculous. I think a blog should look clean and it should be easy to navigate around. I always get bored of my design and I've constantly changed it in the past - my background started off pink and has now changed to white and I've stuck to that ever since as I feel it's easy for the readers to concentrate more on the content. There are so many websites that offer free templates running around on the internet for both Blogger and WordPress which you can use and then just customise to how you want it to look. Useful links: 

The main thing when it comes to blogging. What do you want to blog about? You can write about anything whether it be beauty, fashion, lifestyle or film. Be yourself because it's up to you. The first thing to having 'good content' is to be yourself and be original. When writing a review about a product, give your own opinions and write about what you like. Another thing is to try and be consistent throughout your blog (I used to be bad at this). Try and blog at least 3 times a week or even 5 times a week - whatever suits your lifestyle best. I have days where I completely forget to blog for ages but then come back and blog for days on end, however I am getting more consistent with it now and it really does make a difference. I feel like lengths of your post don't matter when it comes to blogging, you should write as little or as much as you'd like to write. 

If you're looking for expand your blog followers and readers then I suggest you setting up a social media platform for your specific blog. Twitter and Instagram are both good ways to start sharing your blog with the world. You can follow other bloggers and you can get involved in beauty chats on Twitter which is another good way of getting noticed by bloggers. The Beauty Community is massive and there is so many new bloggers out there to meet and interact with. 

I hope this can give some new bloggers an insight into how to get started with a few things on your blog. You'll find out what suits you best along the way. Just go for it!!


I'm pretty sure near enough every girl has now tried out or heard of this little beauty trick - I tried it out for myself the other day and yes, it may sound completely ridiculous to some but this is now my favourite product to use as a makeup primer.

You're probably thinking who the hell came up with the idea to use Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer? I found out from the gorgeous NikkieTutorials over on YouTube as I saw she was using this in a few of her videos and I was very intrigued to find out more about it. The second most used ingredient in this product is something called Glycerin which basically helps to attract moisture to the skin and anything that you smother on top of it, ends up sticking to it, therefore making it a fabulous working primer for makeup. 

I used this on my face the other day when I was going out to London so I could really put this bad boy to the test - I put my makeup on that day at 7:30am and by the time it got to 6:30pm, my makeup managed to hold up throughout the entire day! The only place it got a bit patchy was my nose because I was constantly touching my nose that day like I normally do, making that the reason as to why it rubbed off a bit there. The product has a very liquid, milky consistency and it feels very moisturising when applying this onto my skin. NikkieTutorials says the best way to apply it is with your fingers and simply rub this into your skin until you start to feel it getting a bit tacky - that's when you know when you should start applying your foundation. 

Seeing as it's a men's product, it does have a hint of a male scent to it however it goes away once you've applied foundation over the top. I personally love scent of this though. This product has definitely lived up to my expectations as it truly does work wonders as a makeup primer. I found that it help to minimise my pore, and keep my makeup looking fresh all day long. I purchased this from Superdrug at just £5.29 which is cheaper than most makeup primers out there on the markets today and you also get 100ml worth of product in here which is more than a regular primer. It's an absolute bargain for money and completely worth the hype. 

Have you tried this yet and what are your thoughts?


My collection of MAC Lipsticks has expanded a lot over the past year. My collection consists of more brown/mauve shades with a few pops of pink and reds. I do prefer more brown toned lipsticks on myself which explains why I've got a few of the similar coloured shades. As for the finishes, I love the lustre finish on me as I find it extremely comfortable to wear on my lips. I have quite a fair share of matte finishes which is surprising for me as I tend to stay away from many matte lipsticks because I feel that they dry my lips out too much, however MAC matte finishes are completely comfortable on my lips, they're not too drying an they stay on all day long. 

Shades from Left to Right:

Syrup (lustre) - This is actually my second purchase of this lipstick as I love it so much. It's a gorgeous everyday shade. It's a mauve, nude shade which I feel suits my skin tone perfectly. It's a lustre finish therefore it's comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. 

Creme in your Coffee (cremesheen) - I tend to stay away from cremesheen finishes as they're my least favourite finish. I feel them to be quite uncomfortable and sometimes a bit sticky feeling on my lips. However, I really do like to shade of this lipstick. It's along the lines of a pinky, brown toned lipstick. It's a lot more pink compared to my other brown lipsticks that I own.

Velvet Teddy (matte) - One of my first ever MAC lipsticks that I purchased. I heard so many good things about this lipstick and of course, back in the day I was completely obsessed with the whole Kylie Jenner lip colour. I love this shade. It's a perfect warm brown shade but not too dark therefore it's a good one for an everyday nude. 

Taupe (matte) - This is my go to lipstick on nights out whenever I'm doing a warm, bronzed smokey eye. It's very similar to Velvet Teddy however slightly more darker in colour. I get loads of compliments whenever I wear this shade.

Whirl (matte) - A recent addition to my lipstick collection. My best friend very kindly got this for me when she visited MAC. Again, it's a brown shade and it's a lot more darker than Velvet Teddy and Taupe.

Plumful (lustre) - Plumful is a very well loved lipstick of mine. It's a lustre finish, therefore it's more of a sheer colour to the lips. This is definitely a 'my lips but better' shade. It's a lovely plum/pink colour, good for an everyday use if you want a hint of colour. The formula is so creamy that it glides onto the lips like a dream.  

Flat out Fabulous (matte) - I got this one for Christmas and I was surprised with how much I liked it. It's not a shade that I'd usually go for as I don't really like bright pinks on myself however this does look really cool when it's paired with a warm eye look. It's a lovely bright pink shade and it's perfect for those girly nights out. 

Lady Danger (matte) - Also another recent addition to my MAC lipstick collection. I have wanted Lady Danger for such a long time and I finally bought it. It's just the most stunning red shade ever. It's more on the orange toned side of things and I just love how it looks on my lips.

Lady Bug (lustre) - Lady Bug is bit more of a darker red compared to Lady Danger however it's more on the sheer side due to the lustre finish therefore works really well as an everyday red shade.

What's your favourite MAC lipsticks?


Valentine's Day. The day where you can get all dressed up and stumble around in those high heels or a day where you can spend it in bed with your friends watching cheesy movies. Either way, whatever you may get up too, I have put together a few Valentine's Day Essentials (makeup edition) for the big day.

What a perfect way to start off by showing you these heart shaped blusher and bronzer. They're by the brand Technic which I've only just recently discovered and have fallen in love with. Baked Heart Blusher & Bronzer* are not as strongly pigmented as any other product however that's why I like them so much. They give off the most beautiful, natural looking finish and you can most certainly build the product up to your desired colour. They're very comfortable on the skin and they last all day. They are very shimmery which I feel is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Next is Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade Pink Gold. I don't really have that many rosy/pink eyeshadow shades, although I have my eye on the Naked 3 palette as I think it's beautiful. I love this shade for an everyday look however I feel as if it's a gorgeous one for Valentine's Day. It's a baby pink shade with a hint of gold and tiny specks of shimmer running throughout the product. You can create so many different looks with this colour as it goes with pretty much everything. It's a cream eyeshadow therefore you can wear this on it's own or you can mix different colours to create the perfect look. 

When it came down to lip options, I ended up choosing two. Of course, I went for the staple red lip and chose MAC's Lady Bug. I know most people would probably pick Ruby Woo however I don't have that shade and I'm not too keen on dark reds on myself. Lady Bug is a slightly more brighter red which I feel would work perfectly on any skin tone. If you didn't want to go for the classic red shade this Valentine's Day, then I chose Flat Out Fabulous also by MAC. It's a gorgeous hot pink shade and is a bit more on the romantic side for Valentine's Day.  

What's your Valentine's Day Essentials?


I was very kindly sent this gorgeous Colour Fix Contour Kit* from Technic Cosmetics. I have said this so many times on my blog but I love cream contour kits and I can't stress that enough. I tend to get dry skin from time to time therefore cream products seem to work a lot better on me than apposed to powders. As soon as I received this kit through the post, I wanted to try it out right away and that's exactly what I did. 

You can purchase Technic Cosmetic products from a variety of different online stores such as: Fragrance DirectLove Thy MakeupBoohooShop for BeautyTesco and even Amazon. I was able to find this contour kit on the Shop for Beauty website retailing for just £3.49 and I found that on Boohoo the price was £5.00! I find that to be such an affordable price for an amazing quality palette.

The creams itself are very smooth and creamy to the touch which makes blending a lot easier. You can use these over the top of your foundation or you can use them as a foundation or a concealer because the coverage is great and they have a variety of different colours to suit different skin tones. I like using the third colour in at the top (the lightest one) as a concealer for underneath my eyes and then I immediately set it with a translucent powder. I noticed that throughout the day, it didn't seem to crease on me at all which is always a plus. To contour the perimeter of my face, I use the darkest colour of the whole palette on my cheekbones, forehead, nose and jawline and then I like to blend that out using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I'd like to point out that you can also use your fingers to blend these products out as it's so blend able and the warmth of your fingers will blend out the product just as well as a brush would. It gives off a natural matte finish to the skin and doesn't look muddy or cakey in the slightest.

I feel like this would be a great palette for those who are in the makeup artist industry. It works just as well as some of the high end contour kits that it'll be a perfect one to add to your collection. If you're not a lover of cream contouring kits then I do believe that Technic also provide as contour kit featuring all pressed powders for the same price as the creams - I think this would be a much better option for those who are just starting out in contouring as it may be a little bit easier. I do really like this contour palette, I can see myself getting good use out of it and I definitely would recommend this to any makeup lover. I really am interested in trying out some more of there products knowing how good quality this palette is. 

Have you tried any Technic Cosmetic products? What's your favourite?


Cream to powder eyeshadows are becoming more and more popular within the beauty industry recently. A few years ago, I was completely obsessed with the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, I managed to collect 5 of the shades and I still use them to this day. Bourjois is without a doubt, my favourite drugstore brand in the supermarkets - from their healthy mix foundation to the colour boost lipsticks, I love all of their products however I've never picked up any of their colour edition eye shadows even though I've had my eye on them for a long time. 

I picked up one shade just to try it out and see if I'd like it. The shade is 'Or Desir' and it's a gorgeous gold, bronzed colour. The packaging of this is very similar to the Maybelline Colour Tattoos therefore I thought that the formula and colour pay off would be near enough the same but I was completely wrong. The texture of this product is a lot drier and more powdery compared to the Maybelline ones. I also feel as if the colour pay off isn't that great, it gives off more of a sheer colour to the lids rather than a vibrant pigmentation. I love the finish of it though as they include metallic pigments inside which gives of a shimmery, satin finish. 

I feel like it worked best when applied with my fingers and then looked stunning once I blended it out with a brush. When testing the longevity of this product out for the first time, I put eye shadow primer on one lid and then on the other lid, I just used the cream product on it's own. None of them creased throughout the day however the primer side seemed to last a lot longer. The side where I used no primer started to fade away after a few hours of wearing. I would like to pick up a few more shades though because I think these shadows are perfect for an every day look. 

What's your favourite cream eye shadow? 


Whether you're staying in with the girls or going out for a meal with the other half, Valentine's Day is one of those days where you can get dressed up for anything. I did one of these posts last year and enjoyed writing it so much that I thought I'd do another version of it. I've put together a few outfits with a variety of different styles that are perfect for Valentine's Day. 

If you're doing something casual that day, it's nice to dress not too smart yet still look lovely. I love the muted pinks and nude colours that this outfit gives off. It's casual yet adds a bit of glam and also shows that you've made some effort into the outfit. 

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This is the type of outfit you'd wear if you were going out for a nice romantic dinner. The look is toned down with the gorgeous pink colours of the dress and shoes and I love how the bracelets ties the whole outfit together. 

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Valentine's Day is best known for the classic red look. Red meaning love it's very popular. I found this look to be perfect for either a night out with your friends or even a night in with your other half. I love the classic red dress paired with a gorgeous red lip. It makes the look sexy yet elegant at the same time. 

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I love the 'boho' look. If you don't fancy wearing anything too elegant yet you still want to look incredible then try this bohemian styled fashion out. A gorgeous laced cropped top paired with a paisley print maxi skirt is such a cute yet different outfit to wear on this special day. 

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Mesh Crop Top
Boho Patchwork Print Maxi Skirt
Cleo Chained Sandals 

What's your favourite outfit?