Thursday, 25 February 2016

When it comes to lipsticks, I'm defiantly prefer buying more high end lipsticks such as MAC due to their amazing quality and luxurious packaging. I do still have my fair share of drugstore lipsticks though as you can never have too many lipsticks right? I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite drugstore lipsticks, these are the ones that I tend to lean towards more than others. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection in 48 
This is from Kate Moss's fairly new Rimmel Lipstick collection. It's part of the nude range which I adore. I believe the collection contains 5 shades and the one I have here is the darkest one of the range. It's the exact same formula as the original Kate Moss lipsticks, therefore very moisturising on the lips and very pigmented. The shade reminds me a bit of Stone from MAC but with a hint of mauve. 

Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 
I've seen so many bloggers hype over this product and it's completely worth it. Retailing for just £2.99 in Boots, it's a complete bargain! It's a lip cream which sets to a matte finish on the lips. The shade is a very pretty nude pink and I feel like this would suit a lot of people. The formula of this product is smooth and creamy, it glides onto the lips wonderfully. The only con I have about this product is the fact that after wearing it for an hour or so, it completely dries out your lips because of how matte it is. You can easily fix that by applying some lip balm over the top though. 

Bourjois Colour Boost in Plum Russian 
My favourite drugstore lipstick to wear in the autumn months. It's a gorgeous deep plum shade and looks amazing with either a smokey eye or a simple eye look. It has a very glossy finish and it claims to be waterproof however I'm not so convinced. It's comfortable to wear seeing as it's moisturising on the lips - I do feel like I have to keep applying this product after a few hours but I don't mind that as it's such a pretty colour. 

Avon Lipstick in Red 
My friend kindly bought this for me for Christmas and it's without any doubt, the best drugstore red lipstick I own. I have the Rimmel Kate Moss red lipsticks however I feel like the formula of this Avon one is much more comfortable to wear. It's a true red shade and looks very pretty in the winter months.

Rimmel Provocalips in 730 Make Your Move 
If you're looking for a long lasting lip colour then look no further than this product. It's essentially a liquid lipstick that completely dries and locks the colour onto your lips. One side of the tube has the liquid lipstick shade, then once you've applied that and let it dry completely, turn to the other side where you have the 'lock and shine' part. This allows the moisture back into your lips and helps to lock the colour in. It's very long lasting and the colour range is gorgeous. 

What are your favourite drugstore lipsticks?
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