Thursday, 24 March 2016

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This post is definitely a lot different to something I would normally do on this blog, however it's something that I've been planning on writing about for a while as I do believe that maybe this could help some people out. I have suffered from anxiety since I was in Sixth Form and it progressed to the point where I used to have big panic attacks and some days I really didn't want to move from my bed for the whole day because I was too anxious to go out or do anything. I had a variety of doctor visits and I had to complete all these boring questionnaires about how I'm feeling so they could constantly keep an eye on my mood and how it switches. I still get anxious nowadays however it's gotten a lot better - I haven't had a panic attack in over 6 months and I always like to get out of the house more. I thought I'd share with you my top 5 tips that I believe everyone that suffers with anxiety or stress should try out (or even if you're just having a really crap day) some of these really helped me whenever I was feeling down, nervous or stressed therefore I'm hoping it could help some of you. 

Keep a journal & write it down //
This seemed to help me a lot on some days. I bought a cheap journal so whenever I felt stressed or anxious about anything, I would just simply let my thoughts go and write everything I was thinking and feeling in that moment down into my journal. This is a good way of releasing your bad thoughts and negative vibes all into a book. It really does make you feel a whole lot better once you've written something down. 

Go for a walk //
Walking releases so much stress. Even on days where you don't want to move or go out at all - just try your hardest to get out of bed, put some clothes on and go for a little 10 minute walk. You'll feel so much better once you get out of the house for some fresh air. It'll also help you to build a bit of confidence in yourself. If you don't want to go alone, then walk with a friend. 

Spend time with people //
Socialising and laughing with family or friends will help you feel less anxious and stressed. You often tend to overthink when you're on your own therefore making you feel worse, however if you socialise yourself with others then you'll seem to forget about all those anxious thoughts that may be running through your head.

Colouring books // 
This is a recent thing that I have started doing and that's colouring. There is so many adult colouring books out on the market these days which are specifically to help with anxiety. It's pretty much the same as writing stuff down however instead you're just colouring the bad thoughts away. It's very relaxing and stress reliving. Useful link: Adult Colouring Books 

Do Yoga // 
Yoga is a great way of helping with this. There is a lot of yoga tutorials for beginners on YouTube that you can easily look up and try for yourself. It contains so many breathing exercises too which helps with stress. It refreshes your mind and helps to relax your body.

Do you have any other tips? Share them with me in the comments.
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