Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I was in need of a new mascara and I came across the new Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara in Boots whilst I was having a peak through the stalls. This mascara is part of the falsies line which I am a big fan of as the original falsies was one of my favourite mascaras, therefore I was very excited about trying this one out. 

Let's talk about the packaging. It's very unique. I love how it has a black center which shows the name of the mascara in bold pink writing and then it goes into a pop of pink colour on the lid and bottom which I find really pretty looking. (At first I thought it was a doubled ended mascara but it's not) It's very different to any other mascaras that I own and it looks luxurious for a drugstore product.

It has a rubber wand and short cup-shaped bristles which are meant to help separate the lashes however I find that if I apply too many coats of this product, then my lashes start looking a bit clumpy as the wand picks up a lot of product. It's nothing that a lash comb can't fix though which is always handy. This mascara really does do what the packaging says - it creates perfect volume and curl to my lashes, making them look like I'm wearing "falsies". The formula of this product is very thick therefore I find it takes a while for my eyelashes to dry completely. It's easy to apply to both top and bottom lashes. 

The mascara held up really well throughout the day. It kept the volume and curl to my lashes and there was also no smudging underneath my lower lash line which is great because I always hate it when that happens. Overall, I do really like this mascara for giving my lashes a good false eyelash look however I'm not too keen on how it can sometimes clump up my lashes but then again, like I said you can always use a lash comb to help separate them. I would definitely purchase this product again though due to how amazing it makes my lashes look.  

What's your favourite/most used mascara?
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