Recently a new and upcoming hair band brand called Bandzee* very kindly sent me some of their new hair band products to try out. I was very excited about trying these as I always have to wear my hair up in a ponytail for work, normal hair bands tend to pull and tug at my hair and I always seem to lose a few strands whenever I take the bands out. Therefore anything that helps to prevent any of that is always a good bonus. 

What is Bandzee?
On the website, Bandzee say that they are the new revolutionary hair bands that are kind to your hair and cute on your wrist. These hair bands are made from "super-soft" elastic trim which Bandzee describe as a top secret fabric similar to that found in your clothes and underwear. The fabric is so strong and soft that it doesn't damage your hair like normal hair bands tend to do and they also claim to not leave any kinks in your hair.

I tried this out yesterday when I was at work, I managed to wrap the hair ties 3 times and it didn't feel tight or pull on my hair in the slightest. Throughout my shift, my hair felt comfortable and I didn't get any headaches. It sounds strange but whenever I have my hair tied up for a long time, I normally tend to get headaches from my hair being pulled back constantly however this time, I got none! I took the hair tie off at the end of the day and I saw some kinks in my hair but as soon as I brushed my strands, the kinks were gone completely which I was very happy about. I also noticed that I didn't lose any hair strands when taking the band out which was satisfying to see. Do you ever find that you lose so many of your hair bands? I do all the time and I have no idea where they go. With Bandzee hair bands, you're sure to never lose another one again as these sit comfortably and fashionably on your wrist. You can also just simply wrap the bands straight onto the card again. 

Bandzee come in packs of 4 unique designs with a inspirational quote on each card. You can purchase these hair bands separately for £5.95 a pack or you can sign up for a monthly subscription so that you're never without a hair band again! The monthly subscription costs just £4.95 a month and postage is completely free. Each month you'll be sent out a brand new set of Bandzee hair ties through your letterbox. At first I thought £5.95 for a pack of 4 hair bands could be a little bit on the pricey side however after trying them out and realizing they work much better than the cheap hair ties, I think it's such a reasonable price. They don't damage your hair and they are much softer and more comfortable than normal hair ties. You'll never have a bad hair day again!  

Head over to Bandzee to either purchase or sign up today. 

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