I'm very excited about this post as I'm going to be sharing with you one of my recently most used eyeshadow palette which I have been loving and using near enough every single day. I was extremely excited when I managed to purchase this Too Faced Sweet Peach palette on the website the day it got released. The website actually broke down on the day because there was so many people trying to purchase this - after an hour of trying to re-fresh the page, I finally managed to get through! This palette is only limited edition and I believe they don't actually sell this anymore on the website. 

Too Faced are my favourite brand when it comes to eyeshadow palettes, every single one of them have the most amazing quality eyeshadows which last for absolutely ages. This palette contains 18 eyeshadows with a variety of different shades such as corals, pinks, bronzes and purples which makes this palette perfect for the spring/summer time. If you didn't already know, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes smell like chocolate where as this palette smells like peaches! It's incredible. Each eyeshadow is very unique and a lot different to anything that I own. I'd say the eyeshadows work better with an eye primer beforehand as it helps with the blending and the longevity of the shadows. 

Swatches on arm from left to right:
White Peach - A very light beige with slight yellow undertone. Satin finish.
Nectar - Frosted finish. A light shimmery golden yellow.
Peaches 'N Cream - Light yellow peach. Matte finish, pretty transition shade.
Luscious - A coppery brown with a shimmer metallic finish.
Cobbler - Medium dark brown with shimmery finish.
Georgia - Peachy orange. Matte finish.
Just Peachy - Rosy pink with warm undertones and a gold shimmery finish.
Candied Peach - Orange coral shade with specks of pink glitter running through.
Caramelized - A warm toned bronze with shimmer finish.
Bless Her Heart - Olive green shade with a shimmer finish.
Bellini - Warm peachy pink shade with a dramatic metallic finish.
Puree - A warm toned matte brown shade.
Tempting - Dark black with specks of gold shimmer.
Peach Pit - Purple-brown with shimmer finish. 
Summer Yum - Reddish-brown shade. Matte finish.
Charmed, I'm Sure - Matte milk-chocolate brown shade.
Delectable - Purple with specks of gold glitter.
Talk Derby To Me - Very dark purple with lots of bright purple glitters running through. 

What's your favourite palette from Too Faced?

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