Around this time of the year, I'm always trying to achieve the perfect dewy/glowy skin. Entering the summer time makes me want to skip out on the heavy matte look and go for something more lighter and healthier looking. I still tend to use my regular day to day foundation however the one thing that I do like switch around is my primers. Illuminating primers are very much on trend right now, they help to give your skin that glow from within. A lot of high end brands have a huge variety of illuminating primers or bases that help you to achieve a glowy look however I've recently noticed that the drugstore are starting to bring out more affordable illuminators that seem to work just as good. I have managed to found the perfect combination of glowy primers that seem to work wonders on my skin, and they are both very affordable. 

I like to start off with using Miss Sporty Insta Glow Primer as my first base product. This retails for just £3.49 in Superdrug and you get 30ml of product. Not only does this product give your skin a natural looking glow but it also helps with the longevity of your makeup. This is not one of those silicone based primers however it has a beautiful silky smooth texture to it which helps to prep and prime the skin ready for foundation. I've also noticed that it instantly evens out your skin tone, once again prepping the skin for all the makeup you're putting on top. 

Once I let the primer sink in for a few seconds I like to move onto applying Seventeen Skin Wow Primer onto my cheeks, forehead and nose. This just gives my skin the extra glow and highlight. It makes my skin look very healthy and glowy which is the look I'm wanting to achieve. This product retails for £5.99 in Boots and you get 30ml of product. If any of you know or watch MyPaleSkin on YouTube then you'll know that she uses this product a lot and her skin always looks incredible. This is actually a really interesting product as it's a 3 way highlighter - you can use it as a primer, or to add to your foundation (which I am yet to try) or you can apply this to your cheek bones as a liquid highlighter. This product really does help to waken up my skin, just remember to only use a tiny bit of this as a little goes a long way. 
The Miss Sporty primer is watched on the top of my hand and the Seventeen primer is swatched underneath. As you can see the Miss Sporty one has more of a pink undertone to it however once you've buffed it into your skin, the pinkness disappears and actually evens out your skin tone. The seventeen primer is more of an intense pearl looking highlight which helps to boost the glow on your skin. 

What's your favourite glowy bases? 
I'm always on the hunt for some more!


You could say that I have a slight obsession with liquid lipsticks at the moment. I never used to wear them as I though they dried my lips out too much and I just really loved the feel of a smooth creamy lipstick on my lips, however I've since gotten used to them and I am obsessed. I took to Beauty Bay just to have a look around and I saw that Violet Voss did a selection of their liquid lipsticks retailing for just £9.50 so I picked up two shades that caught my eye the most.

Let's start off with talking about the packaging. It's very different to anything else that I own. It's quirky and cute with the polka-dots and pink bows and also the lipstick stains which are spread across the whole box. Talking on the actual liquid lipstick tube, the product is held in a beautiful frosted glass tube with a simple plastic black lid. The tube has the Violet Voss logo written down the side in a gorgeous font. I personally love the sleek look this packaging gives. 

I ended up getting two shades, Vanity and Excessive. I'm definitely loving the dark lip colours at the moment hence why these two shades stood out to me the most. Vanity is a dark berry purple shade which I think would look amazing in Autumn. Excessive is a true brown shade, I am in love with brown lipsticks right now. You can sort of tell in the picture above that when I swatched these shades on my hand, I found that Excessive was a tad patchy and some parts were darker than others. I'm not sure whether that's because it's a dark shade but it happened to be the same when I applied it onto my lips. It's easy to fix though, as these lipsticks are very buildable therefore you can simply go over the them to get your desired pigmentation.

Excuse the rubbish application on these next two pictures. I was in a bit of a rush when swatching these. But here's what Vanity looks like:

And this is what Excessive looks like:

Both of the lipsticks dried completely matte within a couple of seconds. After a while of wearing them, they do tend to settle into fine lines on my lips that always happens to be anyway as I've got dry lips in the first place so I'm not too bothered by that as it was bound to happen. These lipsticks are so light weight that you can't really tell that you've got something on your lips. As for the longevity of these products, I would recommend taking the product around with you when you're going out as I found that the product started to wear off around the inner parts of my lips after drinking and eating. Apart from that, every where else didn't budge at all. I find that these can be quite difficult to remove with a simple makeup wipe so I would recommend using either a cleanser or some coconut oil to help break down and dissolve the product whilst also put moisture back into your lips. I really do love these two shades however I'm not sure whether I would purchase anymore dark colours as I find them to be too patchy and I find myself using a lot more of the product to help cover up those patches. 

What's your favourite liquid lipstick? Do you like these shades? 


A couple of months ago, Zoeva came out with a brand new spectrum collection which consisted of 3 new eyeshadow palettes each containing 15 shades and 3 blush palettes each containing 4 shades. The one palette that caught my eye the most as I was scrolling through Beauty Bay had to be the Warm Spectrum, it was right up my street containing 15 gorgeous warm toned shades. 

I really do love this palette. It's not just a nude toned palette as there are a few pop of colour shades such as the bright purple and orange shade. If you've ever owned a Zoeva palette before then you'd know that the quality of all there eyeshadows are incredible and this one doesn't disappoint. Each and every shade has a great pigmentation to it and they all seem to blend out effortlessly. They all have a very creamy, buttery formula to them and they seem to wear well throughout the day. This palette is free from any parabens and mineral oils which is why the eyeshadows seem to blend out like a dream. The palette offers a variety of finishes from mattes to satins and even some duo chrome and metallic shades. It's very versatile and you can create so many looks using this one palette. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated with the matte black outing however it does tend to get dirty very quickly due to this, but it's easy to clean up. 

From top to bottom is: 
WR130 - White cream with pink undertones
WR140 - A true white with a hint of apricot
WR150 - Shimmery pale bronzed shade
WR120 - Matte coffee brown 
WR110 - Eggshell white shimmer shade

The bottom of the palette starts off with the more nude shades. There's a lot of creamy, beige colours which are perfect used for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes as well as using them as a base colour for all over the lid before you go in with a transition shade. You've also got a gorgeous metallic shimmery bronzed shade which looks amazing all over the lid. I like to use WR120 which is the matte brown shade to fill my eyebrows in with as I find it a perfect colour for that. 

WR100 - Matte creamy nude with coral undertone
WR070 - Pink coral with shimmer
WR080 - Deep matte mocha shade with mauve undertones
WR090 - A true matte purple
WR060 - Warm matte brown 

Moving upwards on the palette, the shades start to get a bit darker. You've got a gorgeous pink coral shade which is packed with glitter to give a lovely pink metallic look on the eyes. Then you've got a fun true purple shade which looks amazing if you're wanting to do a cranberry eye look. I love the deep matte brown shade to use in the outer corner of my eye and into my crease if I'm wanting a cut crease look. 

WR050 - Muted rose pink with mauve undertones and a metallic finish
WR040 - Matte coral orange shade (perfect transition colour)
WR010 - Duo chrome dark brown with a sparkly green shimmer
WR020 - Matte grey 
WR030 - Matte jet black

Finally the top of the palette is possibly one of my favourites due to the bright orange coral shade. When I first bought this palette, I thought that would be the one shade I use the least but I seem to be using it the most! Its beautiful for a transition shade, it gives a slight warmth to the eye look. WR050 is also another one of my favourites, I love the dusty rose pink as I find it to be so unique. It looks amazing on the lids and gives off a glowy metallic finish. 

What's your favourite Zoeva Palette? 


I am fairly confident that most of you have probably heard about this new micellar water from Garnier. If you haven't, where have you been?! When I found out that Garnier were bringing out a brand new micellar cleansing water, I immediately went out to the stores and purchased a bottle for myself. I have used the original micellar water and I've also used the one that's specifically for sensitive skin, these both have worked wonders for my skin and they work amazingly well when it comes down to getting rid of the main bulk of my makeup that's on my skin. I do have to say though that I think this new micellar water may be my favourite one out of the range. 

This micellar water is purposely targeted at people that have dry skin which is perfect for me as I tend to get annoying dry patches on my face, especially around my cheeks. It claims to be a gentle cleanser that removes all makeup including waterproof and long wearing whilst keeping your skin hydrated and feeling nourished from the oils. I was worried in case this product left a greasy residue on my skin but to my surprise, it didn't! Straight after using this, you can feel a tiny bit of oiliness on the skin however leave it for a few minutes to dry and it'll go away completely, leaving the skin feeling super soft and hydrated. I sometimes feel like I don't need to moisturize after using this as I feel my skin has all the moisture it needs. 

The product comes in the same 400ml bottle as all the other Garnier micellar waters however the product inside looks different as the oil is separated from the water, leaving the oil floating at the top of the bottle. Make sure you always shake the bottle before applying the product to your skin so that the oil can have a chance to mix into the water. Otherwise, I think you will definitely be left with a greasy looking face and no one wants that. I have found that taking off my makeup feels a lot smoother and more gentle on my skin because of how soft and nourishing the oil is. It doesn't tug at my skin in the slightest, it seems to just completely dissolve my makeup in a swipe. My skin feels so soft and hydrated when I wake up the next morning and I've also noticed that my makeup seems to apply better and looks more on the flawless side. 

Have you tried any of the Garnier Micellar Waters? 


I'm pretty sure most of you know who Zoe Sugg (Zoella) is by now as she is one of the most well known beauty YouTubers around the world. You may also know that she has released her own range of beauty products which sells in Superdrug and Feel Unique. She has her original Zoella Beauty range, a Tutti Fruity range and now she's come out with some brand products with her Sweet Inspirations range. Zoe posted a video all about her new range showing us all the new products and told us is was her favourite range she's done so far. Of course, I immediately wanted to try out some of these products so I headed straight to the Superdrug website and made some purchases. 

I'm going to start off with my favourite product of the 3 items I picked up and that's the Bath Latte. This is a bath and shower milk enriched with sweet almonds, cacao and honey. The packaging is just on another level for me, it's beautiful! I love how it's shaped like a vintage milk bottle and I simply love pastel blue and gold print going around the bottle. What I love most about this product is the fact that you can use it two ways - you can run it under your bath water to create bubbles for the perfect bubble bath or you can use it as a shower milk to wash your body with. I adore the smell of this, it's a very sweet vanilla and almond scented product which leaves a beautiful long lasting scent all over your bathroom and your body. The texture is very creamy and it manages to moisturize and soften the skin, I immediately feel refreshed after using this product. This retails for £6.

Next I'm going to talk about the Le Fizz which is a fragranced bath fizzer. Once again, the packaging is beautiful and Zoe talked about how she was inspired by a french patisserie. This product is macaron scented and yet again, it's a very sweet scent. The bath fizz is shaped as a chocolate bar just like her bath fizzers in her other ranges. I drop 5 pieces of this into my bath and simply watch them fizz away whilst making my bathroom smell like sweet macarons. This retails for £5.

The last thing I picked up was Double Creme body lotion. I get really picky when it comes to body lotions because I really dislike those ones that feel sticky and take forever to sink into the skin. This one however works like a dream. I was very happy when I realised how quickly it sinks into my skin and it doesn't leave any tacky residue. Once again, its enriched with cacao, almond oil and honey extract to leave your skin feeling silky soft and smelling as sweet as can be. The scent is very long lasting on the skin and I find myself constantly smelling my arms because of how much I love this scent. The product comes in a cute pastel pink striped packaging and I love how they included a gold Z initial on the top. This retails for £5.

Have you tried anything from the Sweet Inspirations range and what is your favourite?