You could say that I have a slight obsession with liquid lipsticks at the moment. I never used to wear them as I though they dried my lips out too much and I just really loved the feel of a smooth creamy lipstick on my lips, however I've since gotten used to them and I am obsessed. I took to Beauty Bay just to have a look around and I saw that Violet Voss did a selection of their liquid lipsticks retailing for just £9.50 so I picked up two shades that caught my eye the most.

Let's start off with talking about the packaging. It's very different to anything else that I own. It's quirky and cute with the polka-dots and pink bows and also the lipstick stains which are spread across the whole box. Talking on the actual liquid lipstick tube, the product is held in a beautiful frosted glass tube with a simple plastic black lid. The tube has the Violet Voss logo written down the side in a gorgeous font. I personally love the sleek look this packaging gives. 

I ended up getting two shades, Vanity and Excessive. I'm definitely loving the dark lip colours at the moment hence why these two shades stood out to me the most. Vanity is a dark berry purple shade which I think would look amazing in Autumn. Excessive is a true brown shade, I am in love with brown lipsticks right now. You can sort of tell in the picture above that when I swatched these shades on my hand, I found that Excessive was a tad patchy and some parts were darker than others. I'm not sure whether that's because it's a dark shade but it happened to be the same when I applied it onto my lips. It's easy to fix though, as these lipsticks are very buildable therefore you can simply go over the them to get your desired pigmentation.

Excuse the rubbish application on these next two pictures. I was in a bit of a rush when swatching these. But here's what Vanity looks like:

And this is what Excessive looks like:

Both of the lipsticks dried completely matte within a couple of seconds. After a while of wearing them, they do tend to settle into fine lines on my lips that always happens to be anyway as I've got dry lips in the first place so I'm not too bothered by that as it was bound to happen. These lipsticks are so light weight that you can't really tell that you've got something on your lips. As for the longevity of these products, I would recommend taking the product around with you when you're going out as I found that the product started to wear off around the inner parts of my lips after drinking and eating. Apart from that, every where else didn't budge at all. I find that these can be quite difficult to remove with a simple makeup wipe so I would recommend using either a cleanser or some coconut oil to help break down and dissolve the product whilst also put moisture back into your lips. I really do love these two shades however I'm not sure whether I would purchase anymore dark colours as I find them to be too patchy and I find myself using a lot more of the product to help cover up those patches. 

What's your favourite liquid lipstick? Do you like these shades? 

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