A couple of months ago, Zoeva came out with a brand new spectrum collection which consisted of 3 new eyeshadow palettes each containing 15 shades and 3 blush palettes each containing 4 shades. The one palette that caught my eye the most as I was scrolling through Beauty Bay had to be the Warm Spectrum, it was right up my street containing 15 gorgeous warm toned shades. 

I really do love this palette. It's not just a nude toned palette as there are a few pop of colour shades such as the bright purple and orange shade. If you've ever owned a Zoeva palette before then you'd know that the quality of all there eyeshadows are incredible and this one doesn't disappoint. Each and every shade has a great pigmentation to it and they all seem to blend out effortlessly. They all have a very creamy, buttery formula to them and they seem to wear well throughout the day. This palette is free from any parabens and mineral oils which is why the eyeshadows seem to blend out like a dream. The palette offers a variety of finishes from mattes to satins and even some duo chrome and metallic shades. It's very versatile and you can create so many looks using this one palette. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated with the matte black outing however it does tend to get dirty very quickly due to this, but it's easy to clean up. 

From top to bottom is: 
WR130 - White cream with pink undertones
WR140 - A true white with a hint of apricot
WR150 - Shimmery pale bronzed shade
WR120 - Matte coffee brown 
WR110 - Eggshell white shimmer shade

The bottom of the palette starts off with the more nude shades. There's a lot of creamy, beige colours which are perfect used for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes as well as using them as a base colour for all over the lid before you go in with a transition shade. You've also got a gorgeous metallic shimmery bronzed shade which looks amazing all over the lid. I like to use WR120 which is the matte brown shade to fill my eyebrows in with as I find it a perfect colour for that. 

WR100 - Matte creamy nude with coral undertone
WR070 - Pink coral with shimmer
WR080 - Deep matte mocha shade with mauve undertones
WR090 - A true matte purple
WR060 - Warm matte brown 

Moving upwards on the palette, the shades start to get a bit darker. You've got a gorgeous pink coral shade which is packed with glitter to give a lovely pink metallic look on the eyes. Then you've got a fun true purple shade which looks amazing if you're wanting to do a cranberry eye look. I love the deep matte brown shade to use in the outer corner of my eye and into my crease if I'm wanting a cut crease look. 

WR050 - Muted rose pink with mauve undertones and a metallic finish
WR040 - Matte coral orange shade (perfect transition colour)
WR010 - Duo chrome dark brown with a sparkly green shimmer
WR020 - Matte grey 
WR030 - Matte jet black

Finally the top of the palette is possibly one of my favourites due to the bright orange coral shade. When I first bought this palette, I thought that would be the one shade I use the least but I seem to be using it the most! Its beautiful for a transition shade, it gives a slight warmth to the eye look. WR050 is also another one of my favourites, I love the dusty rose pink as I find it to be so unique. It looks amazing on the lids and gives off a glowy metallic finish. 

What's your favourite Zoeva Palette? 

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