Monday, 11 July 2016

I feel like Bullet Journals have become a lot more popular within the whole blogging community, I happened to get caught up in the whole hype of Bullet Journaling and of course I wanted to try it out for myself. What is a Bullet Journal? To cut it short, a Bullet Journal is essentially your own personalized planner. You can use it to jot down your to-do lists, goals, events, recipes and anything else that you may want to write down. I started my Bullet Journal back in April with no idea as to what I wanted to do with it, however I found so much inspiration over Pinterest and also just by reading other blogs therefore I'm hoping that this post could give anyone who is wanting to start Bullet Journaling a bit of inspiration. For other ideas on how to get started, check out this useful website: bulletjournal // 

On the first page of my journal I set up my very own key page. These are basically little personalized symbols in which you can use throughout your journal. For example, I've used a simple square key to represent any tasks that I need to do, once those tasks are completed I'll tick the box, if I move the task to a different day then I'll put an arrow in the box or if I've cancelled the task altogether then I'll draw a cross through it. This is the same for my event and appointment keys. I use a bullet point key for any additional notes that I want to write down. I use a clock key for when I need to get something done by a deadline, and I end up writing what it is that I need to get done and also the date to get it done by. I use a star key for any important information that I need to remember. I don't use the question mark key very often but it's for when I'm not sure about an idea so I just put a question mark next to it, and lastly I've got the inspiration and idea's key - I use the inspiration key next to any quotes that I like to write down and I use the idea's key for when I come up or think of an idea that I want to do in the future. I then have a 2016-2017 layout page just so I can see where I started and when I finish my journal by. It's also one of my favourite pages because of how pretty it looks.

My 2016 goals page is one of the pages that I always seem to come back to the most just to reflect on my goals and to see how far I've come to achieving them. The journal then goes straight into my daily logging pages. I like to write down the date and I also like to write down what the weather is like that day by drawing cute little sun, rain or cloud symbols. I then like to start off by writing down what tasks/events/appointments I'll be doing that day, obviously some days will be a bit busier than others. As the day goes by, I'll either add any additional things or I'll tick tasks off the list. One of my 2016 goals was to drink more water therefore I like to track my water intake and write it down in my journal at the end so I can see whether I progress, I also like to track my Twitter follows. I have a page for my planning routine which is basically a guide through what I do with my bullet journal throughout the day. The night before I like to cross off my daily log, write down water intake and also reflect on how my day went. The morning of I like to add tasks/events/appointments of the day, look back at my goals page and also make any additional notes. Then throughout the day I like to cross off things as I go, make any more additional notes if needed, focus on tasks and keep track of water intake and stats. 

I like to keep a blog post page in my journal to stay up to date with my posts. This is an older blog post page as I do have a newer/updated version however it's not 100% complete yet which is why I'm showing you the older one. I like to use the idea symbol and then write down the blog post idea, once I've written and published it, I simply write 'done' and a tick next to it. My new blog post page goes more into detail and I like to bullet point some information down to make sure I add that into the post. Moving onto my checklist page, I did this a few days before I went to Amsterdam therefore when it came down to packing everything, I just looked at this page and it helped me to remember to pack everything that I needed. I'm for sure going to use this idea again when I next go on holiday as I find it so handy. 

I went through a phase where I had a completely blank brain and I had no idea what else I wanted to put inside my journal. I took to Pinterest and found a lot of inspiration through it. I created my bullet journal ideas page and wrote down all the page ideas that I'd like to put in my journal at some point. Whenever I get stuck with a page idea, I always seem to come back to this for help. I've started doing a recipe to try page which is pretty self explanatory, whenever I find a good recipes that I'd like to try in the future, I make sure to write every single bit down. My keeping tidy page was written when I was wanting to become more organised with my stuff, this page has a step by step on how to keep tidy and organised, it also has categories for different things such a my clothes, books and electronics.   
One of my favourite pages to write is a tips page, I find that they're always really handy to come back to whenever I want some inspiration on specific topics. This page is tips all about how to stay inspired and it gives you a list of what to do when you're feeling uninspired. I also have a health one and a makeup one. 

I hope this has given at least person a bit of inspiration and motivation when it comes down to Bullet Journaling. What are your thoughts on Bullet Journals?
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