Monday, 25 July 2016

I feel like the 'fuller lip' trend is becoming a lot more popular these days ever since the whole hype over Kylie Jenner and her plump lips. I was a bit terrified when the whole 'Kylie Jenner lip challenge' came about as I saw some that absolutely scarred me for life and I think it was such a dangerous way of trying to make your lips fuller. I was very excited when Perfect Pout* got in touch with me to review there natural lip enhancer. 

I naturally have quite plump lips as it is, however I've always been a bit self conscious about my top lip, it's not as full as my bottom lip and doesn't have much of a nice shape to it. I believe this comes in 3 different sizes and I got the small oval size purely to focus just on my top lip. All you have to do to make this work is apply a small amount of lip balm to help moisturise your lips and then position the perfect pout in the centre of your lips and simply suck in until it locks firmly onto them. You leave this on for about 30 seconds until you take them off and apply your desired lipstick over the top of your natural plumped lips. 

This product took me a while to get used to as I wasn't able to achieve a good suction and the product just ended up falling off of my lips everytime I tried. I began to apply less lip balm and found that it helped a great amount as I found that it didn't seem to slide off as much and I got a better suction. This product isn't going to make your lips full permantly but I found that it lasted for a good few hours before they wore off and went back down to size again. I never thought that I'd use a lip enhancer as part of my routine yet I feel like it's now become an essential part of my beauty routine everyday as its so quick and easy, it literally takes a few seconds and you've got beautiful plumped lips for a good few hours. 

The product is completely 100% safe to use and it shouldn't hurt in the slightest, you should only feel a tad bit of pressure on your lips. I'm really enjoying this product so far, it's much cheaper than paying money for lip injections and also a lot quicker than over drawing your lips each day. I believe this product is sold in selected Debenhams stores at Archangelz counters. 

How do you feel about natural lip enhancers? Have you tried any? 
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