Monday, 29 August 2016

I have always loved reading blogs, way before I even started my own. It was sort of like my favourite hobby to me. I just loved getting into bed with a good ol' cup of tea and binge reading all my favourite blogs. Ever since starting up a blog of my own and being more involved in the whole blogging community through social media, I have come across a huge variety of new bloggers that I now seem to fan girl over. Of course, there is other blogs that I follow on social media however these 7 are the ones that I usually tend to read pretty much everyday. 

My best friend and a fellow blogger all in one, what's not to love? Seriously though, when it comes down to blogging this girl knows exactly what she's doing. Taylor has a great variety of Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel posts which are all very well written and has great photography to go with it. She's also amazing when it comes to creating makeup looks, she's just pure makeup goals. My favourite posts of hers would have to be her travel ones and also her recent 'Makeup Inspired by a Film' which I thought was such a creative and fun idea to do, if you'd like to check them out then I highly recommend you head over to her blog.

This beautiful lady was one of the first bloggers that I quickly became obsessed with. Her blog consists of a variety of topics such as: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and some great Blogging Tips. Whenever I get the dreaded writers block, I am constantly finding myself heading over to her blog for some inspiration as she has a whole series of blog post ideas for those who needs a little bit of motivation and I think it's just fab. Her photography is amazing also which is always a great thing, I get so excited over the quality of her photos.  

This blog is run by the gorgeous Kathryn who writes Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle posts. I want to first talk about how fab her blog layout is, it's so pretty and so easy to navigate around which is always a plus. I love everything about her blog, however my favourites are her outfit posts, the photography is always so pretty and also her sense of style is gorgeous. I seem to love every single outfit she wears. A feature on her blog which I think is very cool, is the 'My Beauty Cabinet' where Kathryn rounds up a bunch of her favourite high end and drugstore products all onto one page for you guys to shop them, amazing right? 

Such a pretty blog name am I right? Lauren is another one of my favourite Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle bloggers. She writes some amazing product reviews on a variety of makeup and skincare, she also has posts all about the monthly Glossy Box's. Each of her posts are all beautifully written and the photography is stunning. She has recently written a post all about what girl power means to her and it's quickly become one of my favourite posts ever. Check her blog out! 

This blog is without a doubt, one of those blogs that I find myself typing into my URL every single day just to read her posts over and over again. I find Erin's photography very unique and pretty, I do love the wooden background she uses, makes the photo's seem a bit shabby chic! Erin is a 'makeup obsessed mum' and by the way, her son is the cutest! Her lovely blog consists of product reviews (which are my personal favourites to read), hauls, product empties and so much more. She's also one of my favourite people to watch on snapchat too. 

From her product reviews to her guide to perfect brows, Sarah knows what she's talking about. She's a Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, who has such creative photography skills. My favourite posts from her blog would have to be her 'maybelline week' posts where she reviewed brand new Maybelline products everyday for a whole week (p.s. Sarah, you need to do another one of these). She's a very lovely blogger with a great sense of humor, she has lots and lots of great blog posts so I'd highly recommend you check her out. 

This blog is run by the gorgeous Alex who talks about makeup, skincare, hair care and even has a variety of Lifestyle posts also. She is pure eyeshadow goals, seriously, she is amazing at eyeshadow and always seems to have a gorgeous glittery eyeshadow on! Each post is very well written and has a lot of detail to them. I love reading more of her chatty posts as well, my personal favourite is her 'I'm a Blogger, so I'm stupid right?' - I definitely recommend checking that out. She's such a lovely, down to earth person and I find myself always checking through her Twitter to see if any new posts have come up. 

I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to read, what are your favourites?
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