As a person with dry skin, I'm always looking for ways to improve it and I love trying out new products which obviously means I was very excited when Regime London got in touch with me to see if I'd like to try out there new Coconut Quench* capsules. 

Coconut Quench is a super hydrating formula which helps to increase skins moisture content. You get a 30 day supply of capsules and you take one a day with a big glass of water. There are a variety of benefits to taking these capsules everyday such as: 

• Hyaluronic acid helps to significantly increase skin hydration (facial and whole body) after just 3 weeks of use. 

• Each serving contains the equivalent of 4000mg of fresh coconut water.

• Helps to improve some of the damage caused by cosmetics, making it easier to apply make-up. 

Just after a few days of taking these capsules, I started to notice a difference in how my makeup was applying to my skin. It was going on a lot smoother. I normally have a lot of texture and dryness around my jaw line which can make my foundation look a bit bumpy and uneven, however that seemed to completely disappear after a few weeks! I found that I haven't been needing to use tons of moisturiser everyday as my skin would already be healthy and glowing, just a tiny bit in the mornings sorts me out for the whole day. This product has also managed to calm down a lot of my redness on my cheeks and I find that I don't have to use my green primer as much anymore. 

With just one capsule a day, I know that I have everything I need to make my skin feel and look healthy. I feel a lot better and more fresher when taking these as I know I'm getting great hydration into my diet. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. 
This product retails for £19.99 in Superdrug. You can find Regime London here. 

What's your go to skin care product for dry skin? 

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