Monday, 8 August 2016

I am very excited about this post mainly because I am super happy and in love with this eyeshadow palette. A few weeks ago I entered a Twitter giveaway by the beautiful saysallymay where she was very kindly giving away this Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow palette. I recently got a message from Sally telling me that I won which was very exciting considering I never win anything haha! Within a few days, my palette arrived and it's all I've ever been using since. 

Let's just start off by saying how visually beautiful this palette is. There are so many colours and so much detail, the outside packaging is decorated with colourful kaleidoscope pattern and also has a mix of butterflies and flowers. As you lift the lid up you've got a small mirror with the quote "We're all mad here" and then also a quote on two lift up doors that says "I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours" - Once you lift the two doors up you are greeted with a 3D butterfly. I feel like a lot of time must've gone in to get this packaging, it's without a doubt the most prettiest eyeshadow palette I own. The actual eyeshadows are revealed by pulling the bottom drawer, the palette comes straight out for easy application and use and it slides straight back in when you're finished with it. 

The palette contains 20 eyeshadows which are all organised in columns, each column inspired by a character from the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass. The first column is Alice, second is Mad Hatter, third is Mirana (the white queen), fourth is Iracebeth (the red queen) and lastly is Time (a character in the film who is part human, park clock).

Alice (top to bottom):

Looking Glass (pale pink demi-matte)
Reflection (soft peach matte)
Dormouse (warm brown matte w/floating gold micro-sparkle)
Metamorphosis (vibrant periwinkle blue w/micro-sparkle)

Mad Hatter (top to bottom):

Hatter (vibrant green w/tonal micro-sparkle)
Gone Mad (aubergine w/pink iridescent pearl)
Paradox (vibrant orange w/gold pearl)
Cake (saturated blue-pink w/silver micro-shimmer)

Mirana (top to bottom):

Lily (opal pink pearl)
Duchess (peach w/pink shift and micro-sparkle)
Kingdom (copper-bronze pearl)
Chessboard (medium brown matte)

Iracebeth (top to bottom):

Heads Will Roll (vibrant turquoise w/gold micro-sparkle)
Bandersnatch (deep teal matte)
Salazen Grum (metallic crimson)
Royal Flush (pale beige shimmer)

Time (top to bottom):

Time (black-navy satin w/soft iridescent micro-sparkle)
Dream On (metallic purple silver)
Chronosphere (metallic deep bronze)
Mirror (grey-taupe satin)

Each eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and they each have a velvety texture to them which makes blending a lot easier. The staying power is great and these shadows last all day on my eye lids without creasing or smudging when using a eyeshadow primer beforehand. The palette includes a double ended brush for the perfect application and easy blending. The palette retails for £43 and you can purchase it here. 

What's your favourite Urban Decay palette?
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