Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Face masks were never really a big deal to me back in the day, other than the occasional sachet packs from Poundland and Primark, now those were simply the best back then... am I right girls? During the past year or so I've found myself wanting to take care of my skin more often and I am slowly becoming obsessed with more and more skincare products each day. As some of you may know from reading my other posts, I have sensitive skin which means that unfortunately my skin tends to react badly to most products and that's probably the main reason as to why I never ventured out and played around with skincare as often as I would like. I'd be too scared that I'd swell up and end up with an itchy, red rash again. Fear no more because I have found my two holy grail face masks which work perfectly with my skin and has really improved it over the past couple of weeks. 

This product has been getting so much hype over the past few months or so that I just had to jump on the bandwagon and try it out for myself. This mask is enriched with black charcoal which essentially acts as a magnet to draw out any impurities from your skin. It's a deep cleansing mask which detoxifies the skins surface and works deep into the pores, claiming to leave your skin looking clarified and beautiful. The first piece of good news is that it didn't give me a rash and the second piece of good news is that it has worked wonders for my skin. I don't actually use this all over my face, instead I just like to pop it on the areas where I usually break out the most which is my nose, forehead and chin so basically my t-zone. I leave this on for a maximum of 10 minutes and when it's completely dry you can see tiny black dots from all your pores which is actually pretty satisfying not gonna lie! I simply just wash off with some warm water and I was pretty impressed with how easily these washed off and also with how amazingly soft my skin felt afterwards. The only downside to this mask is the smell, I mean... it smells good! However, I find it to be a bit too strong and sometimes ends up irritating my eyes from how strong it really is. This definitely  doesn't stop me from using it though, it's too good to not use. LO'real also do two more masks from this range: Purity Mask which is used to leave your skin purified and matte-looking and the Glow Mask which of course is used for brightening your complexion. The masks retail for £7.99 each, however they're sometimes on offer for £5 in Boots so keep your eyes peeled for their offers. 

This was a bit of a random purchase however I'm so glad that I did it. I've never heard of these range of masks until I popped into The Body Shop when I was in Bluewater with my boyfriend, I was just browsing until one of the ladies that worked there spoke to me about their new range of 100% vegetarian expert facial masks. There was 5 different face masks throughout the range however the one she recommended for me was the Ethiopian Honey mask which she said was perfect for dry and sensitive skin. The mask was £15 which is a tad pricey than any other mask I own therefore I was very skeptical about buying it, she did a tester on the back of my hand and as soon as I washed it off, I was simply amazed! My hand had never felt softer in my whole life, can you just imagine what it would do to my face? I immediately bought it and it's been my life savoir for my dehydrated skin. The mask contains Community Trade honey, marula and olive oils for a luxurious experience. What's also great is the fact that it's been formulated without parabens, silicone or mineral oils. I don't know what it is with the scents of these two masks but this one isn't my favourite scent either, it smells a lot better than the L'Oreal one however I feel like this one smells a bit like pepper... Not sure why. Either way, it works amazingly well with my skin type and I like to apply this all over my face straight after I've washed my L'Oreal one off! This just helps bring moisture back into my skin and helps it looking healthy and refreshed. I am really intrigued to try out some of their other masks from this range. 

What are some of your 'holy grail' face masks?
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