I am an absolute Yankee Candle fanatic. I believe I discovered the wonderful world of Yankee Candles a few years back and ever since, I just cannot seem to stop purchasing them. Of course, there is so many different ranges of candles on the markets nowadays however I feel like nothing can compare to my love for Yankee's. I'd like to quickly point out that my favourite scents are 'food scents', the ones that smell like baking and cupcakes and cinnamon... I could go on for ages. A few weeks back I took a trip into Bluewater with my boyfriend and we both had a look around in the Yankee Candle store and of course, I couldn't leave empty handed. 

Let's just start off with my favourite candle out of all three of these. This scent is incredible! It's so sweet and fruity that it smells exactly how they describe it - "The sugary sweet crispness of a perfectly ripe apple fresh from the orchard". What I love the most is the fact that it still smells exactly the same when it's burning and it seems to fill my whole bedroom with a gorgeous fresh apple scent however it's not too overpowering which is good. I don't like those fragrances that are way too strong and end up giving you a headache. This one is just perfect and I will most likely be re-purchasing this once I'm all out. On the Yankee Candle website, it retails at £18.99 for a medium jar like this one... however in store it was on sale for £9.45 so it was a complete bargain. 

Gingerbread Maple
Unfortunately, I don't have a link to this one as I think it was only limited edition therefore they don't have it on the website anymore (although I'm sure you can find it on Amazon maybe). I wanted this one as soon as I saw it come out last Christmas but never got the chance to buy it, I think I got very lucky because this was the only one left in store and it was in the clearance section for just £4.50. It has a very strong Gingerbread scent to it with a hint of sweetness which is obviously where the maple comes into the picture. I haven't burnt this one yet because I am saving it for the winter months, it's one of those scents that gets me extremely excited for Christmas. 

Now this candle is one that I actually picked up for my brother as he was moaning that I have so many candles in my room and he wanted one for his room, haha! He's not a big fan of Autumn scents, he likes more of the Summer scents. So I picked up this small jar of Summer Peach for him which retails at £8.99. It's extremely sweet and very fruity however it smells exactly like a peach! I can always tell whenever he's burning this candle because even though it's a small jar, the scent seems to fill the whole house. 

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents? 

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