Thursday, 8 September 2016

I want to quickly start off this post by apologizing with how icky and gross my makeup brushes look, I'm aware they're in need of a good clean. There are so many makeup brushes available on the markets nowadays that you can end up feeling slightly overwhelmed with which ones to choose from, they all come in different shapes and sizes I can completely understand how it can feel a little intimidating at times. Back in the day, way before my makeup obsession kicked in, I had a total of 4 crap brushes that weren't very good however I thought they did a fabulous job at the time. As I started to get more into makeup, my brush collection dramatically grew and I realised how much of a difference good quality brushes make when it comes down to makeup application. I am in no way a makeup artist or a makeup expert however I am going to share with you the essential makeup brushes that I feel like everyone needs in their collection.

Foundation Brush
Foundation brushes come in all different shape and sizes. The one that I feel like works best and is essential to my makeup collection is a flat-top kabuki brush, you get such a flawless coverage with this as it really helps to buff the foundation into your skin. This brush works best when using a liquid foundation. My favourite flat top brush would have to be the ZOEVA 104 Buffer Brush

Powder Brush
I know it's pretty straight forward but a powder brush comes in handy when you want to set your foundation in place with pressed/loose powder. A large fluffy brush works best with this and I'd highly recommend purchasing one that has super soft bristles so that it doesn't annoy and shift any of your other makeup underneath. Real Techniques Powder Brush is my favourite brush to use when setting my face.

Contour Brush
This brush is an absolute must when it comes to powder contouring. Try to use a brush that has a slight angle or tapered shape to it, that way it can get right into the hollows of your cheeks bones and really help to carve them out. The brush I use for this is the Morphe M438 Pointed Contour Brush as the bristles are so soft which makes it easier for application and makes it perfect to help blend properly. 

Blusher Brush
I used to use a massive fluffy powder brush to put my blusher on with but I've recently found it a lot easier to use a smaller one instead. Using a small brush will help with the precision and you'll have more control over the amount you put on. Sigma F15 Powder Blush Brush is the perfect example of a great blush brush, it's just the right size to fit on the apples of your cheeks. Always remember to start off with less and build up as you go!

Fan Brush
I'm going to be honest with you on this one, but up until around a year ago I never knew what this brush was for. I used to see them around all the time and thought they were so pointless but I was completely wrong. B. Fan Brush is what I use when it comes down to applying the wonderful highlighter! It applies just the right amount of product on your skin and always makes your highlight looking flawless and on point. Fan brushes can also be used to apply a light amount of blush and bronzer. 

Angled Liner Brush
This brush is useful for two things: 1. Applying gel/liquid liner and 2. Used as a brow brush. 
Morphe B11 Angled Liner Brush is ideal for getting that perfect winged eyeliner as the angle makes it that tad bit easier. I love using an angled liner brush for filling my eyebrows in also as I feel like it creates that perfect arch and the soft bristles help glide the product on smoothly.

All-over Eyeshadow Brush
An all-over eyeshadow brush is essentially a flat fluffy brush which is perfect for popping an eyeshadow all over the lid. ZOEVA 222 All Over Shader Brush is a professional multi-functional eye shadow brush which will allow you to apply, blend and shade eyeshadow to your desired look. This brush would also be perfect to highlight the brow bone with. 

Blending Brush
When it comes down to eyeshadows, you really do need to have a blending brush on hand. One tip is to always blend out your eyeshadow so that everything is seamless and crease free! Morpe E27 Pro Round Blender Brush has the softest bristles ever that it makes blending a lot easier as it smoothly buffs and blends to an incredible finish. 

A Spoolie
A spoolie comes in handy when it comes down to brushing your eyebrows. I like using a spoolie brush before I fill in my eyebrows to make sure they're all in the exact place, I also like using it after I finished filling in my eyebrows so that I can evenly distribute the product until I get a nice natural finish. I use the Primark Double Angled Brush which is fab because it's two brushes in one and it's only £1 which is an absolute bargain. 

Crease Brush
I find these brushes extremely useful for when I'm applying transition shades in the crease or even if you're wanting to do a cut crease look. It blends and applies the shadow in all the right places. Morphe M330 Blending Crease Brush works well with cream, liquid and powder based products and helps you achieve the perfect blended look. 

I honestly only started using makeup sponges around 6 months ago and I have fallen in love with them. Of course, the Beauty Blender is one of the most popular makeup sponges around however I personally love Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for applying my liquid foundation. You've probably noticed that I didn't include a concealer brush in here and that's because I don't use one, I use a sponge instead as I feel like it gives more of a better finish to my skin. You can use the sponges damp or dry, personally I think using them damp is so much better as it helps to blend out the product more and it gets rid of any excess foundation. 

What are your 'must have' makeup brushes? 
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