Friday, 23 September 2016

Don't you just hate it when you're applying eyeshadow and then realise that there's still leftover product on the brush from the last time you used it? Have you been needing a quick and easy way to spot clean your brushes without waiting ages for the bristles to dry? This is where Shadow Switch comes in handy!

What is Shadow Switch?
The lovely people over at Dee&Co sent me over the handiest brush cleaner from Beauty Essentials which is a new, upcoming brand that produce great beauty tools which are essential to everyone's kit. Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner which claims to extract all traces of makeup powder from your brush, allowing you to switch between different colours and shades. It also eliminates the possibility of product transfer between your powders when using the same brush. It truly is one of the handiest tools I own, especially if you're a constant eyeshadow user like myself. 

How does it work?
It comes in a small tin and it includes a wire sponge inside. All you have to do is simply press and rotate your brush over the Shadow Switch in a circular motion until all traces of colour powder have gone. You'll know when the brush is clean by testing it out on the back of your hand, if no product comes off then you're ready to go. I love how this is a dry brush cleaner as it means that you don't have to get your brushes wet and leave them to dry for hours until you can use them again. I've been using Shadow Switch every day since it arrived for all of my eye brushes and it has done wonders for me! The tin is about the size of your palm therefore making it a perfect size to take away with you on the go. No need to constantly clean your brushes when you're on holiday when you've got this little handy tool with you. 

How to maintain your Shadow Switch?
As you use the Shadow Switch, it tends to collect old powder residue therefore it does need cleaning I'd say every few weeks or so for hygiene purposes. To clean your Shadow Switch, just use warm water and fragrance free soap. Make sure all the soap is rinsed out completely and then leave until it's fully dry. Beauty Essentials recommend that you refill your Shadow Switch every two months

This product retails for £5.99 on Amazon with free delivery! I'd recommend this product to everyone as I'm so impressed with how handy it is and with how great it works. If you want to see more of Beauty Essentials then check them out on their Twitter page @BeautyEssUK for more beauty releases.

What are your thoughts on Shadow Switch?
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