All Time Favourite Shows on Netflix

Monday, 23 January 2017

There's nothing I like doing more than chilling out and binge watching some good Netflix shows. When I'm not working or going out for the day, I pretty much spend the majority of my time in bed with a cup of tea and my laptop. Life goals. Here are some of my all-time favourite shows to binge watch on Netflix… 

Pretty Little Liars
I'm sure everyone and their mother has seen this show by now. If not, where have you been? Without giving anything away, the show is based around 5 best friends who have coped with anonymous texts and unsuspected deaths. “A” watches there every move and continues to mentally torture the girls. This is one of those shows that always seems to make you want more especially seeing as each episode seems to end on a cliff-hanger. 

Black Mirror
I have only recently just started watching this and I am becoming slightly obsessed. This is a British science fiction series created by the talented Charlie Brooker (who is just an absolute genius). ‘The show is centred around dark themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies’ I literally had to quote that off of the internet as I had no idea how to describe this show, it's so unique and it's one of those shows that you have to watch for yourself to understand. It doesn't matter what order you watch it in, as each episode is a completely different storyline with different actors. Some of my favourite episodes are: Playtest, Shut up And Dance and White Bear. 

Series of Unfortunate Events 
I am a massive fan of the film starring Jim Carey therefore when I found out late last year that they were realising a Netflix show to this, I was buzzing. The film only showed 3 out of the 13 novels, however the first season to this show adapts the first four books of the series. I have seen whilst browsing through social media and the internet in general that the second season will adapt books five through nine of the novel series and then the third season is adapting the rest. The show is based on the Baudelaire children whose parents were mysteriously killed in a fire. They are placed into the care of Count Olaf (played by Neil Patrick Harris) an actor who is determined to claim the family fortune all for himself. The children set out to uncover the mystery behind a secret society from their parents past.

Stranger Things
I'm not usually a huge fan of sci-fi shows or movies therefore I put off watching this for a while. After hearing a bunch of good reviews I thought I'd give it a chance and I'm so glad that I did. It's based in a small Indiana town set in the year 1983 - when Joyce’s 12 year old son, Will goes missing, she launches a investigation into his disappearance, they started to unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments and a unusual little girl. This show is very gripping and a bit scary at some points. I am a bit of a wimp though. 

So… I am always on the lookout for more Netflix shows. These are just a few of my all-time favourite shows that I always go back to and I can binge watch over & over again. 

What are your favourite Netflix shows?
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