Struggles All Bloggers Can Relate To

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Not everything is as perfect as it seems. Being a blogger, I go through many struggles and sometimes I feel like just giving it all up. Bit of an exaggeration Charlotte. Before I started blogging, I thought it was as simple as writing some words out and pressing that publish button, a complete walk in the park right? No. There is so much more to blogging than that. Whether you’ve been blogging for years or you’re just starting out in the blogging world, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to relate to at least one of these blogger struggles.

1.      Writers Block
Yes. That absolutely dreaded writers block. This happens to me a lot, one day I’ll be full of new blogging ideas but then all of a sudden, I’ll be completely brain dead. I sit there looking at a white blank page for hours on end with nothing to write and it can really put a downer on my mood. I have recently learnt to deal with my writers block by just taking a break – if I find that I have absolutely nothing to write about then that’s okay, leave it for a few days and then the ideas will all come flowing back naturally. 

2.      Lighting for photos
Let’s state the obvious, my pictures aren’t exactly the best. It’s something I’m looking to improve on this year. It doesn’t help the fact that I have the worst lighting ever in my house. I have tried taking pictures in different rooms to see if anything improves but nope, the lighting doesn’t seem to like me. I like having a brighter background and the ‘Snapseed’ app has helped me to achieve that. All I can say is thank god for editing apps and programmes.

3.      How often should I post?
This is something I am very undecided about. How many times I post is a massive struggles that I face due to a variety of reasons – I don’t want to annoy or bother people if I post too much, but then again I don’t want to push people away if I post less. What time should I post? This is another struggle of mine seeing as I want to try and post when most people are likely to see it, but when is that exactly? I also don’t like setting myself a schedule either, I’ve already been there and done that (it didn’t work out) I don’t like saying I’m going to post something on a certain day, what if I don’t have anything to post for that day? It’s all just a bit of a struggle really.

4.      Social Media Unfollowers
Of course, it’s nice to have followers on your social media platforms. However, I always feel a bit discouraged whenever I lose a few followers. My anxiety plays up massively and I immediately think what did I do wrong? Especially when it’s someone that you follow back and have admired for a while. I know that not everyone is going to like my content, maybe that’s something I need to start accepting more.

5.       Juggling with priorities
Personally, juggling with a full time shift work jobs, maintaining a good social life as well as trying to post each week can all get a bit too much sometimes. I really do struggle with trying to be as consistent as I possibly can with everything I do. Blogging actually takes up a hell of a lot of time when it comes down to planning your posts, writing posts, getting the right photos, sharing and promoting on social media platforms and so on. I hold my hands up to those who still manage to find time to blog whilst juggling with uni and work and college etc. You are my inspiration!

What are some of your personal blogging struggles? 
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