Favourite Products For Dry Skin

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Over the years, I have tried many different products to help tackle my dry skin problems. Some of them didn’t work out where as others worked really well for me. I have pretty much dealt with dry skin ever since I started to wear makeup which was around 8 years ago. I have rounded up some of my favourite products which work well for me and have made a world of a difference when it comes down to tackling with dry skin.


Nuxe Paris Crème Prodigieuse – This product is an anti-fatigue moisturising cream which I apply every morning onto my face and neck. It contains an innovative complex of anti-oxidants and active ingredients that work to relieve stressed complexions while hydrating and refreshing your skin. You only need the tiniest amount to cover your face, and it’s one of those creams that sink into the skin within seconds leaving no tacky residue behind. I have also noticed that it seems to give me a more matte complexion without drying out my skin even more.

Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream – I like to switch around my day creams sometimes. If I’m not using my Nuxe Paris cream then I’ll immediately turn my attention to this one instead. It’s a super hydrating, anti-oxidant rich day cream which helps to provide continuous nourishment and moisturisation to leave my skin feeling hydrated, smooth and supple all day long. This one takes a little bit longer to sink into the skin as it has a more liquid consistency to it, however it leaves my skin feeling super soft throughout the whole day.


Amie Naturally Kind Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish – I believe that using an exfoliator on your skin once a week (especially when you have dry skin) works absolute wonders. I came across this exfoliating polish in one of my Birch box purchases and it has helped my skin feel and look smoother. It’s a deep cleansing treatment containing natural rice granules that work deep-down into pores to lift away dirt, oil and impurities – revealing clearer and smoother skin. It’s recommended to use once or twice a week. I normally wash my face with Clinique Facial Wash with warm water beforehand to open up any pores and then use this straight after to buff away at any dirt that’s clogged into my pores. Using this also makes a huge difference in how my makeup applies – it blends more easily and my pores are less visible.


Vaseline Lip Therapy – I am someone who wears lipstick on a daily basis, therefore I find it extremely important to take care of my lips too. My lips crack and flake every day and it gets a lot worse during the colder months. To prevent that, I like to use a lip scrub and then my favourite product in the world… Vaseline. I like buying them in the little tube applicators as I find them more travel friendly and easier to use. I also like the ones that contains SPF.


Merci Handy new wave – Not only do I get dry skin and dry lips but I also suffer with dry hands. I always without a doubt, carry around a hand cream with me wherever I go. Recently, I’ve been using this one by the brand Merci Handy (mainly because it smells like bubble-gum) but what I love most about this hand cream is that it contains tiny little blue beads which help to exfoliate your hands leaving them feeling hydrated for a good few hours. The scent lasts for ages too and I always get asked what ‘perfume’ I’m wearing when actually it’s just the smell of my hand cream!

What are some of your favourite products for dry skin?
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